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March 29, 2007

A Gracious blessing or a clear provision for taking the high path?

This one’s been brewing for sometime now..

As a congregation we have been working through 1 Samuel. The journey follows Samuel. In this journey the people ask for a King even though it is clear that the word is to follow God and not a king. God decides to appoint a King following the wishes of the People and Saul is installed as King, given Gods blessing and in time proves to be ‘not up to the job’.This is a very brief summary of the journey and in no way intended to be a full concise account. It is merely leading onto my point.

My point is that God is gracious enough to bless us and give us a fair run even when we ask for something that is clearly not the best (Highest/narrowest) path to take.

This leads me to question,

When we pray for God to provide and he does;

How do we know whether we are taking the best path or being graciously blessed by God?

Your thoughts….

October 17, 2006

Lord take it all

Lord take it all
Lord take it
its yours
what’s mine
I give to you
What was mine
is now yours
Do what you will with it Lord
its yours

Throw away what you dont
Keep what you do want
After all – it’s your now God

Give it to others if you want
cast it out if its bad
I dont expect anything in return Lord
Why would I?
Your God and I’m only a man
Take it all Lord
Take it all

Darren Deliberate

August 30, 2006

Letting go…Ouch, Yes I'm still Letting Go…there I've said it, I'm doing it..(Inwardly Ouch)

Firstly, Last night was my first night back at Agape. I was great. It was great to feel at ease being there, knowing I belonged with everyone.

Great as it is, that's not the subject of my entry its about 'letting go'. The things I have let go of recently, am currently letting go of and will soon let go of pale into insignificance when I think of a sister who has recently experienced the loss of her father, My heart goes out to her…

Letting Go

Well I've recently let go of a few things that I've always held very dear to my heart and with some of these it very much a work in progress and in some cases will continue to be for many years



*Keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself

*Self–protection (over protection)

*Hopes for a marriage and family

Where are they going? why am I letting go of these?

I'm not throwing them away or simply giving them up, just quitting. What I am doing is handing control of them over, freeing myself up to do more. This may sound like a ridiculus thing to do but I make no apology for it.

  • Independence can isolate
  • Possessions can end up owning you instead of you owning them
  • Over protection can leave you feeling lonely, lost and misunderstood
  • keeping emotions locked up can leave you carrying so much in your head there's no room to see the richness of life and no thoughts free for giving to others

What about the last one?
I still have these hopes. Now I have come to realise its not the be all & end all of life. Putting this into perspective has been the most challenging and the most liberating to date.

How can I do this?

It's because I'm handing them over to God, I Trust him, I'm learning to trust him more. He's far more capable than I. I know Im in good hands and that gives me Hope.

August 07, 2006

The pain of loving

When you love someone and it is not reciprocated it can often be painful, frustrating and at times make you feel lonely.

I have heard it described as being like grief but with the the added complications of the person you are in love with still being here.

When you love someone and they are not even around it can be even harder. Or in some cases it is the love for a father or mother you have never known. Often love, when its not reciprocated, is painful.

I have experienced this pain before, the difference this time is that God is with me. One of the greatest things about God is his promise to us. He lets you know his love unconditionally. It also means that you can be certain he will reciprocate your love for him and it need never be a painful love. Often things you give up for God can seem painful but God eases that pain with his love.

So if your feeling lonely, or unloved, I urge you to find God for his love is never lacking.

July 11, 2006

Making time for God

Having been distant from God in recent weeks I'm trying harder to 'make time for God'. The problem seems to be that things happen to scupper my plans or time simply runs out. A little ironic when you think that God is the creator of time itself. I've decide not to let these things stop me and persevere with planning to spend time with him.;

So any suggestions for making sure you have the time God deserves?

The Message.

I've often heard it said by people that they have tried to read the bible but find it too full of Jargon or filled with old language to feel that they get anything out of it. Fortunately a version called 'The message' has been written. Here is the same scripture in the this version;

January 06, 2006

What you do you once you're a Christian?

It's a question many of us ask ourselves after being born again. Similarly I have been asked by friends and family the same question too.

The obvious things to list are Prayer and grow faith in God.

Another is to

Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

This is found in Matthew 7:12. The whole of Matthew needs to be followed but Verse 12 sums it up.

It doesn't get any more complicated than is.

An example of this for me was last night. On Thursday nights my friends always have a friendship meal. It's open house for Christians and non–Christians alike. It's an opportunity to get to know people and be hospitable. As Thursdays are always busy I made myself a drink. I thought how nice it would be if someone was to make a drink for me. So then I decided I would do just that for everyone else. The end result was making some 30+ drinks, which takes a while with a normal house kettle that will fill about 4 cups. Keeping track of who I had asked and who I hadn't was a task as many people arrived at different times. A simple thought turned into a mission but I felt it worthwhile, especially as there were some people I hadn't met before and it's always good to feel welcomed when you visiting someone for the first time. In the end I succeeded in making sure everyone had a drink or had at least been asked and said 'no'. One brother did manage to have three drinks made in the middle of all this which was quite amusing.

It wasn't so much the act itself that was good; many do good acts without faith. The fact that I was thinking of God and thinking of others while doing it was the most beneficial, I think I gained the most from the exercise.

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