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August 25, 2006

Speaking the Truth in love

At my church household we have have a friendship meal every Thursday night. After our meal one of our elders asked us to share in pairs.

The topic was speaking the truth about;
What God is saying to us
What annoys us about the person we are sharing with
What inspires us about the qualities of the others person.

I was paired with someone who has recently become a Christian and in some senses is still very much becoming a Christian. His word to me about what I do that annoys him was priceless. It was absolutely spot on and I respected his honesty for saying so. All I could do was smile, then laugh, then agree with him, then smile and laugh some more, then laugh again – I couldn't do anything else.

He's great, I love seeing him growing and changing from a lost, often angry, young man into a mature warm hearted generous man not afraid to show his feelings and show he cares.

So what did he say?_ for those that know you will identify with this.._
I'll paraphrase as I dont remember the exact words but he said '

"You always give your opinion, your not afraid to give your opinion but it can sometimes come across as if you're always right". LOL, Imagine being told that, what could I say. I wasn't going to try and defend myself, he was right. Even saying 'yes your right' would have proved his point, and I think my smile said it all. It cut but I genuinely aprreciated him saying it.

I was encouraged by how perseptive and articulate this brother of mine can be, I have high hopes for him. He's an excellent guy.

July 07, 2006

The value of true friendship

Last night I did what is a fairly regular thing for a Thursday night. I sat down and had a meal with 30–40 people. The meal was at my local Church house. Every Thursday we open our doors and invite people around for a friendship meal. This means I find myself sitting in the company of many people I wouldn't necessarily expect to share time with or even meet in other circumstances. It's usually lively as we have a large number of teenagers who join us. Often Thursday can feel like the most challenging day of the week. We look to encourage this lively bunch to think, consider and have deeper conversations in a way they perhaps wouldn't throughout the week particularly with peers of a similar age. This can often means we are busy concentrating on the task in hand and miss out on the very beauty of the event. Last night I was able to do my bit and yet I was able to step back from it and look at it from afar and really appreciate a number of the things.

*Im developing a real level of trust with these friends, in a way that I know is strong enough to stand all manners of trials and last for a long time to come

*Share in and witness the growth of character and spirit of these new friends

*Witness my more committed friends giving, leading others to find God

*Seeing people grow, becoming better people, developing into people I would seek to know If weren't already fortunate enough to have met them

*Understand that what they are doing is indeed truely a selfless act, nothing is expected in return

*I truely appreciate the value of these trusted friends

Although selfless it is clear we get so much back in return

This reminds me how much richer my own life is becoming. I feel privileged to have met these people and honoured that they chosen to allow me into what great work they are doing. 'Blessed' is a commonly used word within the church and it's easy to forget just how great a word it is. I feel truely blessed. How many people say that after doing something as simple as sharing a meal.

December 09, 2005

Christian's are Human too

Yes, this may sound like a strange thing to say to someone who is seemingly on the outside (I was myself until very recently) "Christian's' are human too".

It is easy to dismiss a view or belief without really considering the individuals. To the surprise of a number of my friends and relatives I have become a Christian. To some this is a good as turning into an alien, and in some respects it could be argued that this is not far off the mark! lol

To take a more rational view;

It is just as easy for someone young to be disrespectful about older people, without considering the fact they themselves will one day become 'old'. Similarly older people can forget what it is like to be young and judge just as harshly.

Well, for Christians it can be similar (except not all humans become Christian), we are all human, just looking at life from a different prespective.

I hope, in my own imperfect way, to help clear the muddied waters for those with a non christian view. Yes I'll be truthful, in the hope they come to see the beauty in life I now see. It is often said by 'born again' Christians 'I wish I had become a Christian earlier in my life'. The important thing is not when, just that you do.

To temper that slightly, I would never try and press or cajole someone into being a Christian. It doesn't work that way, one of the beauties about it is that you only become a Christian by your own free will. This means you can relax and decide for yourself if you want to be. With that said my only recommendation is that you give some thought with an open mind and an open heart.

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