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September 28, 2006

Nothing is impossible

Recently I have had something very specific on my mind and its been troubling me a little. Last night I was brought a word by a Christian I have only recently met. A word came to her and she immediately thought it was for me. The word was “Nothing is impossible”, I was a little perplexed and admitted it didn’t say anything to me at the time. After some thought I realised it must be about what has been troubling me of late. It has given me hope, I feel encouraged that all is not lost.

Nothing is impossible if you have faith

August 15, 2006

Archbishop's Vigil: useful or useless?

I read the news today that The Archbishop of York has started a Vigil as an act of "public witness" to encourage peace in the Middle East.

My question is, is this a useful or useless exercise?

July 27, 2006

Looking Forward

Recently in a meeting I brought a word about not dwelling on the past, not thinking of our failures and looking forward (It wasnt what I had stood up to stay and yet I found myself saying it). This made me think about it more than I normally would. Today I found myself reading..

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we
do not see. Hebrews 11:1

another clear call to look forward

Often people are so worried about the future they forget they are in the present and end up doing nothing with both their present and their future.

It occurred to me that there is only one good way to 'look back'. To look back in order to help you move forward, be less fearful of what lies ahead. Often when we are lacking in faith (or if you do not follow a faith, lacking in 'hope' & being somewhat defeatist) we need to stop and briefly take stock, look back at where we were in order to understand more clearly where we are now and in turn encourage us to look forward again. Doing this makes it easier for me to see what faith is. I look back and think of the times when I know God had a hand in certain events when just before that I couldnt have imagined it. With renewed faith I look forward in hope.

So is there another good way of looking back?

January 06, 2006

What you do you once you're a Christian?

It's a question many of us ask ourselves after being born again. Similarly I have been asked by friends and family the same question too.

The obvious things to list are Prayer and grow faith in God.

Another is to

Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

This is found in Matthew 7:12. The whole of Matthew needs to be followed but Verse 12 sums it up.

It doesn't get any more complicated than is.

An example of this for me was last night. On Thursday nights my friends always have a friendship meal. It's open house for Christians and non–Christians alike. It's an opportunity to get to know people and be hospitable. As Thursdays are always busy I made myself a drink. I thought how nice it would be if someone was to make a drink for me. So then I decided I would do just that for everyone else. The end result was making some 30+ drinks, which takes a while with a normal house kettle that will fill about 4 cups. Keeping track of who I had asked and who I hadn't was a task as many people arrived at different times. A simple thought turned into a mission but I felt it worthwhile, especially as there were some people I hadn't met before and it's always good to feel welcomed when you visiting someone for the first time. In the end I succeeded in making sure everyone had a drink or had at least been asked and said 'no'. One brother did manage to have three drinks made in the middle of all this which was quite amusing.

It wasn't so much the act itself that was good; many do good acts without faith. The fact that I was thinking of God and thinking of others while doing it was the most beneficial, I think I gained the most from the exercise.

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