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February 27, 2007

Do you want a fight?

A respected and learned friend of mine, who should know better than to tell me about these things told me about a fun site called


I am now certain that I will loose hours of my life to this virtual bear pit

My only consolation is ‘I beat Margaret Thatcher’ in afight, and ony just lost to Winston Churchill

Brunel doesn’t stand a chance against me,

My closest fight so far is against Noddy

Dissapointly though Im a poor second to Adolf Hitler

......toe-to-toe I fancied my chances :-(

December 21, 2006

'Once more into the Breach dear friends, once more..'

At this time of year many if not nearly all of us feel like we are fighting a battle.

For the majority this is seen as being caused by the business of the world in the lead up to Christmas/ the onset of winter the temptation/ to hibernate until the start of the fairer seasons/ the end of a year and the beginning of another/ the lack of daylight hours and the winter soltice.

For others, including myself, it is seen as a time when we experience a spiritual onslaught. A testing of our souls. Last night a group of us took the spiritual battle on together. I’ll explain, I am part of an Army, an army that does not believe in physical violence. However we are an Army that takes no Spiritual prisoners and we make no apology for it either. If your not a Christian and/or not spiritually aware then this may not make much sense to you. Consider that there is another dimension to life a ‘spiritual’ one. An ongoing battle between good and bad.

We, the Jesus Army marched through the Coventry City centre last night. Not amazing brave, our lives were’nt at risk for daring to say we have a belief or faith we are willing to live or die by. Many people in their worldy view probably just saw a rabble like bunch of oddly dressed people marching, chanting and singing. For though this will have spoken to them, opened their eyes, aroused their curiosity and even got them thinking about why we do this. Sure there was some fun-making, laughter & confusion (out of ignorance?) directed at us, this will always be the case whenever someone makes a stand and shows themselves to be willing to live differently.

It was Spiritually strengthening and I couldn’t help but think it was something Satan wouldn’t have enjoyed.

So much so I want to go out and do it again and again. So maybe I should change the title of this entry to ’ Many times more into the Breach dear friends, many times more..”

We’re the Jesus Army, Come and join us

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