February 22, 2006

Work–Life balance, what about Christian–Life balance?

I resolved to address my work-life balance some years ago. I achieve this by dropping the the word 'work' and it suddenly took on a whole new perspective. 'life balance' allowed me to look at it without the emphasis on work.

But what about 'Christian-life balance'? obviously the solution is not the same in this case

How do you balance the necessary worldy aspects of your life (work, socialising with non-christian friends, possibly family if their not Christian) with your Christian life?

I often find myself sacrificing one for the other, any suggestions?

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  1. I find if I like the person, I want to socialise with them. I don't sort my friends into religious and non-religious.

    22 Feb 2006, 18:40

  2. The only reason I stated it like that is I've recently become a Christian. So I have my existing friends who are in the main not Christian, also my family aren't, then I have whole new circle of friends since becoming a Christian. Maybe the balancing act is uncommon or unique to me…

    22 Feb 2006, 19:01

  3. As a atheist, I don't see the problem with dropping the first part myself. Not that I expect you to agree.

    To me it sounds as if the problem is that you're trying to have a Christian life and a non-Christian life, and puzzling over how to keep both going. I'd suggest that this is a bad idea; instead, perhaps you should just try and have life, Christian or otherwise. I don't think there should be any need to separate the two.

    Perhaps the problem is that I don't know what you're sacrificing for either one and why.

    22 Feb 2006, 19:14

  4. Had becoming a Christian led to you thinking that some aspects of your life aren't as desirable as they once were then?
    Otherwise, it's going to be the normal case of having too many people to see?

    22 Feb 2006, 19:52

  5. Gavin, thank you
    Some aspects of my life are not as desirable. I do not enjoy some things i once happily did socially and as such i don't socialise as often with my old friends, I still have respect and loyalty to these friends (they are still my friends, they haven't changed I have) and yes it is a case of too many people to see. The ideal would be to be able to inculde them in my new life but that may not be their choice and it risks losing friends who may feel I'm trying to convert them. I still consider them my friends whether they were to convert or not.

    22 Feb 2006, 20:13

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