December 09, 2005

Mere Christianity by C.S.Lewis

Written after being asked to do a short series of programmes for the BBC, it was orignally intended to show that Christianity has a place in post war Britain. the success of the book mean it is a 'must read' for anyone curious about

I was very fortunate that someone suggested I read this book and to them I am eternally grateful. If your a non-believer, uncertain about God or if Christianity is for you I cannot enphasise enough that you should readthis book. It addresses a lot of thoughts you may have about faith and puts them into a more rational perspective.

C.S.Lewis is wonderfully pragmatic and breaks the subject down to it's base level so that you can see it clearly. I say pragmatic not in the way it is usually used, with a negative slant, more in an objective way.

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  1. I never really thought pragmatic was a negative word. Just a, well, practical sort of word.

    09 Dec 2005, 09:32

  2. Perhaps it's just me. I have heard it used in a negative context and I wanted to make sure it wasn't interpreted that way in this entry.

    When I have heard it used negatively it was has been about somewho is dogmatically determined that people see an arguement from their point of view. Whether that was grammatically correct at the time?..

    Thanks for comment, much appreciated ;oD

    09 Dec 2005, 09:40

  3. I agree, it's an excellent book. It presents very complicated ideas in a way that's comprehensible, and doesn't involve talking animals.

    I think that Lewis is pragmatic in the sense that he's prepared to argue different ideas through and see where they end up, rather than sticking to a dogmatic 'party line'.

    Try the Screwtape Letters or the Great Divorce next.

    09 Dec 2005, 10:23

  4. Thank you Ed, I will.

    12 Dec 2005, 15:13

  5. The Screwtape letters. Definitely the one you want to read next. Never read the Great Divorce, but the Screwtape Letters is amazing. And helpful in a caustic sort of way, which I greatly appreciated. :)

    I'll even lend it to you if you like. :)

    13 Dec 2005, 16:57

  6. Why never read the Great Divorce? I think it's excellent, as good as the S.L.

    15 Dec 2005, 19:26

  7. Really? I shall have to read it then. What's it about?

    17 Dec 2005, 19:19

  8. Ahhh… sorry, I misread your comment. I read 'never read' as an imperative…

    17 Dec 2005, 20:01

  9. S'ok, I should have made myself clearer. I wonder if there's a copy in the Chaplaincy…


    17 Dec 2005, 21:10

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