October 17, 2006

Lord take it all

Lord take it all
Lord take it
its yours
what’s mine
I give to you
What was mine
is now yours
Do what you will with it Lord
its yours

Throw away what you dont
Keep what you do want
After all – it’s your now God

Give it to others if you want
cast it out if its bad
I dont expect anything in return Lord
Why would I?
Your God and I’m only a man
Take it all Lord
Take it all

Darren Deliberate

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  1. me

    is that a song? if not, it should be. its great!

    24 Oct 2006, 10:45

  2. Wrote it in about 30 seconds whilst in Church on the Sunday morning, it was written in the Spirit. About 10 seconds later the words for the next song came up on the screen and one of the lines in the song said ‘take it all’; definitetly a ‘God-incidence’ and not a co-incidence. Praise God.

    24 Oct 2006, 11:43

  3. Hero

    Hang-on, this is a song about decluttering, and giving all the useless tat to someone else to deal with, this abrogating responsibility for accumulating it in the first place.

    I think instead of ‘take it all, I can’t be f’in bothered with it’ the sentiment would be better expressed by the following:

    I’ve cocked it up haven’t I?
    I know what I was supposed to do,
    but quite often didn’t do it.
    Now I am a bit bored by what I have created
    but I am going to turn it around.

    I need a bit of help as to which bits I should get better at,
    and you can help there,
    but the ‘things without batteries that probably don’t work’
    and the crap that no-one wants
    should really be used by me
    to roll naked over
    and the scars will remind me
    not to pick up tat again.

    Do me a favour lord,
    and please make the scars heal without infection
    I have an essay due in Tuesday.

    22 Nov 2006, 15:06

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