January 22, 2007

Bringing the Word

Recently I have began to bring the Word on a new level

?? What does that mean

The Word is the truth spoken by God either through people as a ‘Word of Knowledge’ or by Wisdom Pictures both a form of Phrophecy.
People can often think that the only Phrophets are the Phrophets of the Old testament who held great power and were reveered by all who heard their Word, almost mysterious and in a time long ago, thinking it couldn’t possibly happen in our modern age.

Phrophecy is a gift that God has given to his people who believe and listen to him through his Spirit.

So why am I moving on a different level?
In the 20 months I have been a Christian I have had the Gift of bringing Words of Knowledge and Wisdom Pictures, both prophecy.
Until recently those words were a word for me
(which the Spirit would prompt me to share with others as it maybe carry some relevance or inspiration for them too)
Or the word would be for someone specific and give the word to them.

In recent days I have been given words for a household rather than an individual,
The is word relevant to the household as a whole and in some cases requires a response from them, not to me but to God.

This is new terratory for me and something that I embrace, I just hope I go about it the right way, I’m sure I will be guided wisely by my elders. I am fortunate to have some gifted men covering me.

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  1. James

    And those gifted men are blessed to have some humble men rising up to join them.

    06 Feb 2007, 09:04

  2. Very encouraging. Keep up the good work in the Lord!!!

    09 Feb 2007, 09:48

  3. Sup

    Yeah, keep it up. You’re a good egg! Keep bringing the word.

    19 Feb 2007, 13:53

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