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October 25, 2006

Short of Ideas for your blog? – Idea no. 53

Blog it humour

Cant think of anything to write, why simply put a picture on your blog instead, or a cartoon!

Saw this on a blog and thought it was amusing

Home is where the Heart is

Home is where the Heart is

It is often said that ‘Home is where the Heart is’.

In my case I dont live at Home. I’ll explain, I live in a one bedroom flat in the Chapelfields area of Coventry, which I own, along with the mortagage lender. But my home is a large 8 bedroomed house in the Stivichall area of Coventry about 4 minutes drive away from my flat.

So why is home to me? A home is usually created by the people who live in the house.

The people who live in this house have become like family to me they have made their home a house that is open and available to others and they work hard to welcome and accept whose who come and visit. It has become so much of a home to me that I am nearly always there, with them. I have now reached a point where feel as though I want to move in and live with them permenantly, what’s more they welcome this idea.

I want to move in, I want to be apart of what they have created and I want to contribute to the work that is being done there. I’m not looking for an easy ride, I want to help build and grow this precious home.


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