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October 04, 2006

I Bottled it!

Funny thing today..

Walking across the University Campus heading towards the Chaplaincy and saw a student with a T-shirt with a picture of Jesus on it. On the T-shirt he word CRUCIFIED was prominently displayed below the picture, it looked good and I thought, wow maybe he’s a proud Christian…

So I slowed down my pace and waited for him to draw level with me…

“Cool T-Shirt” I said,

“Thank you” he said in reply looking downwards slightly in a modest way

“where did you get it from?” I asked

“Oh, a shop in London, nowhere special” He said, still in a modest way,

This has to be a Christian, I thought to myself

“Are you Christian?” I asked

“No, have you seen the back of my T-Shirt?” he said

and he turned to display the message on his back,

It Read
“And all I got was the this lousy T-Shirt, Bloodhound gang 2000a.d.

an he began to walk away…

At this point I thought to myself, ‘well if your complaining about only getting a T-Shirt when in comparison Jesus got Crucified you could always find God take up the Cross and get a proper Crucifying..’

And I was about to say it too, when…

I bottled it! LOL

I let him walk away, wounder. I wish I had said it, LOL

Covenant, Agape, and the way ahead


I have recently made a lifetime committment to my Church. Its called a Covenant, a solemn and binding promise to be faithful to my church.

Why a lifetime promise though?

If you want to build and grow a church you need a reliable foundation on which to build it. A church is its people, so to build a church of people you need a solid foundation of people to build it on. This is partly achieved by promising to be there in the future, not just tomorrow, next week or even til next year but for life. This committment carries with it a value similar to that of a marriage (without the all too common following divorce), it allows the people who have made that committent to make future plans with greater confidence and greater vision.



This is an evening where the core of the household meet, its a great time for ministering to and supporting the needs of each other. A time for seeking God collectively, to learn more about what God has planned for us and what he wants us to do. At my household ‘White Stone’ we are embarking on a very exciting stage of church growth. We have grown, to the point where we are looking to break into becoming 2 households.

The way ahead

Last night one of the elders within our church encouraged us to look ahead. More specifically he asked us to see what we can do personally to help make “Disciplers”. It states in Scripture

19Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
Matthew 28:19

It clearly says ‘make disciples’ however at the very moment that Jesus gave this order (and it was an order not a request which is why I have put the word ‘go’ in bold) he made himself a ‘Discipler’, he empowered his men.

Our message from God is to do the same

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