June 12, 2007

How long is a piece of string?

A saying regularly given as an answer to suggest it would be very difficult to give a reply of any useful value.

This got me thinking..
There must be a limit to just how long a piece of string can get.

“How long can a piece of string get?”

What is the maximum length a piece of string can be without it falling apart when picked up?

Any budding Textile Physicists who want to give it a try?

May 03, 2007

Encouraged or Convicted?

Thanks for the Prompt Bobbie ;o)

2 questions

1) What is your greatest encouragement to date?

2) What is your greatest conviction?

I’ll share mine later…

March 30, 2007

Chocolate Jesus

Reading the News today I came across an article about a new piece of Art

It depicts Jesus on the Cross, nothing new, but it is made out of chocolate. The article reports that there has been uproar from Catholics in New York, where the Art is exhibited. The article is not clear as to exactly why this has caused so many complaints, it does say that the sculpture has no loin cloth and that the Exhibit was opened during Holy Week.

So where is the contraversy?
Because he made a Chocolate Jesus?
Because he is naked?
Because it co-insides with Holy Week?

March 29, 2007

A Gracious blessing or a clear provision for taking the high path?

This one’s been brewing for sometime now..

As a congregation we have been working through 1 Samuel. The journey follows Samuel. In this journey the people ask for a King even though it is clear that the word is to follow God and not a king. God decides to appoint a King following the wishes of the People and Saul is installed as King, given Gods blessing and in time proves to be ‘not up to the job’.This is a very brief summary of the journey and in no way intended to be a full concise account. It is merely leading onto my point.

My point is that God is gracious enough to bless us and give us a fair run even when we ask for something that is clearly not the best (Highest/narrowest) path to take.

This leads me to question,

When we pray for God to provide and he does;

How do we know whether we are taking the best path or being graciously blessed by God?

Your thoughts….

March 13, 2007

Big Issue pleeeaaaasssse

Many of you who are familiar with Warwick University Campus may have heard this “Big Issue pleeeaaaasssse?”

I do voluntary work in a Drop-in in the Coventry City Centre. Quite a number of our visitors are Big Issue sellers.

I have to say that there is a clear difference in appearance between these sellers and our Costcutter entrance Big Issue sellers. They are the best dressed, most clean and tidy, warm and well fed looking Big Issue sellers I have ever come across.

I dont wish to judge them but their need for having such a plum pitch to sell the Big Issue doesn’t appear to be as great a need as others I know.

What do you think?

March 12, 2007

What makes a 'Good woman'?

Open discussion for all,

Following on from from the “What makes ‘A Good man’?”

What makes a ‘Good woman’?

Opinions please

February 27, 2007

Do you want a fight?

A respected and learned friend of mine, who should know better than to tell me about these things told me about a fun site called


I am now certain that I will loose hours of my life to this virtual bear pit

My only consolation is ‘I beat Margaret Thatcher’ in afight, and ony just lost to Winston Churchill

Brunel doesn’t stand a chance against me,

My closest fight so far is against Noddy

Dissapointly though Im a poor second to Adolf Hitler

......toe-to-toe I fancied my chances :-(

February 21, 2007

Rest in the Lord

A word was given to me very recently which was both encouraging and comforting.

In it is said to “rest in the Lord”

To date to only way I have found I can do that is to ’ just be’ in the presence of the Lord, which I do fairly regularly.

What works for you?

February 20, 2007

What makes a 'Good man'?

Open discussion for all,

What makes ‘A Good man’?

Opinions please

January 22, 2007

Bringing the Word

Recently I have began to bring the Word on a new level

?? What does that mean

The Word is the truth spoken by God either through people as a ‘Word of Knowledge’ or by Wisdom Pictures both a form of Phrophecy.
People can often think that the only Phrophets are the Phrophets of the Old testament who held great power and were reveered by all who heard their Word, almost mysterious and in a time long ago, thinking it couldn’t possibly happen in our modern age.

Phrophecy is a gift that God has given to his people who believe and listen to him through his Spirit.

So why am I moving on a different level?
In the 20 months I have been a Christian I have had the Gift of bringing Words of Knowledge and Wisdom Pictures, both prophecy.
Until recently those words were a word for me
(which the Spirit would prompt me to share with others as it maybe carry some relevance or inspiration for them too)
Or the word would be for someone specific and give the word to them.

In recent days I have been given words for a household rather than an individual,
The is word relevant to the household as a whole and in some cases requires a response from them, not to me but to God.

This is new terratory for me and something that I embrace, I just hope I go about it the right way, I’m sure I will be guided wisely by my elders. I am fortunate to have some gifted men covering me.

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