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November 02, 2009

Rehearsal shoot workshop

Last Thursday the workshop participants were presented with two scenarios.The first was equivalent to an early run through in which the actors and director were still exploring the different ways of inteperting a scene. This was conducted in the bland, flat, featureless environment of the white rehearsal room, where it all too easy to get the exposure completely wrong.

The second scenario was a full on dress rehearsal that had been reproduced in the CAPITAL Studio, with a brilliantly re-created lighting set up , courtesy of Elliot Griggs, TechCrew president. This rehearsal was visually much more interesting but with its very own exposure problems, not to mention the logistical issues of moving around in a very dark space.

My thanks are extended to Elliot, Clem, Ollie and to all the actors who gave up their time to reprise their roles from the recent WUDS weekend, not once but three times.

The participants' images from these scenarios appear in the associated gallery, and I hope their subjective take on the two scenarios will be recorded here.

October 27, 2009


Writing about web page

Examples 1-3 in the image gallery illustrate, in an non too subtle way, the effects of over, under and correct exposure. Over-exposure causes loss of detail in the bright highlights. In this example it is especially noticeable in the actor's upturned face, as he look straight into the light. Detail and edge definition is also lost from the happy/sad faces on the proscenium arch.

In the case of the under-exposed image, the effect is of a murky, dull overall appearance, with few bright areas and loss of detail in the shadows, particularly noticeable in the indistinct boundary between the actor's hair and the gloom of the darkened stage behind him.

The third version walks a fine line between correct and over-exposure. I have allowed the highlights on the upturned face  almost to burn out, in order to emphasise the intensity from staring up directly into the light.

The techy details of this shot are: Nikon D300 with 28-70mm f2.8 zoom, at 70mm. The ISO was 2000 giving an optimal exposure of 1/25 second at f3.2, manually metered. I shot this production using a tripod rather than my usual monopod, as the light levels were very, very low through out.

October 26, 2009

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Darkling Images Blog. Kindly set up by Krisztina. The Blog is configured to be readable by all but only members of the workshops can contribute. So that's what you should do. I'd suggest we kick off by discussing any issues raised from the slightly too high speed over view from workshop one! I think I was a little over-ambitous in it's breadth. More time for taking and less time for talking would have helped I suspect. So is everyone clear about exposure, metering, composition, white balance and why a monopod falls over if you let go of it?

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