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May 18, 2011

The jobs graduates want most!

Writing about web page

"Students have made a record number of applications for graduate jobs this year, with almost two-fifths applying early to beat the rush, a new report suggests."

Without going into the gendered aspects of the pictoral representations, we can see that the most popular jobs graduates aspire to are: Media, Teaching and Marketing, etc etc. It's reassuring to see the Charity sector up there.

The study is actually a survey by 'High Fliers' (here is their press release, the study itself is not available to non-subscribers).

But: what do High Fliers mean by 'Graduate Jobs'?

April 18, 2011

A does not mean B

Writing about web page

The article states that inquiries about Nottingham university from potential applicants (about undergraduate admissions, prospectuses, and open day attendance) are increasing. The headline says "Students 'not put off by high fees'" (Nottingham is charging £9000, like most other 'top' HEIs).

An increase in inquiries does not equal an increase in actual applications, or any indication thereof. What this most likely shows is that potential applicants are shopping around, trying to find out what they'll actually get for their money. The people who did not especially look around before are now becoming more careful about the decisions they make about where to study, given that the fees have tripled. That is not surprising.

Who is in this apparently homogeneous mass of potential 'students'? Are the same people who are looking at Nottingham also looking at other universities (which will also probably report a rise in inquiries)? What is their socioeconomic status, gender and ethnicity, and how does that compare to previous years? Just out of interest...

Until the actual stats come in on who has applied where under the £9000 regime, claims like this are completely meaningless.

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