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July 25, 2005

musical episodes


for reasons known only to myself, i am watching the 'musical episode' of 'that 70s show'. other than making me want to slap ashton kutcher (ok, making me want to slap him even more than usual) it puts me in mind of what joss whedon said of the 'buffy' equivalent: 'once more with feeling':

"we didn't want to do it where we just changed the words to a bunch of motown songs…" ( i could be paraphrasing – as many important historians have said.)

this, of course, is precisely what 'that 70s show' has done. except more with the 70s rock and less with the motown. hell, roger bloody daltrey (or the other one) from the who is in it. good lord, he gets about. the last thing i saw him in was the cartoon channel's ace 'teen titans' playing a psychotic villain. hmmm. is it a career up from 'boris the spider'? anyhoos. this musical episode of 'that 70s show' sucks like a dyson. and i say this not merely because it pales next to 'once more with feeling' but because it is shit. musical episodes are not inherently bad (see, for example, the unlikely triumph of the 'suddenly susan' episode which takes place in 1900s san fransisco and involves the best rendition of 'proud mary' this side of tina turner and cher at the vh1 divasII concert) but this is poo on a stick.

i'm also starting to think that the above are the only musical episodes i have ever seen. which is tragic.

matt milner

as the first person ever to comment on my blogling, mr matt milner of new brunswick, canada, wins a prize.

it's a pony.

called bertie.

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