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November 15, 2004

Student PI – The Rival

Two weeks later than is ideal, I've finished the brand – and frankly spanking – new episode of RaW's premier comedy drama series: Student PI.

This episode, entitled 'The Rival', tells the story of the time our protagonist, Jack Truman, takes on a new member, who promptly steals all his cases, and what's more, the girl that he loves! What can Jack do but embark on a harsh but ultimately fair Iago-style crusade to sort this problem out.

If you're into your Othello pastiches, or you merely want to hear some top quality radio, tune in to RaW 1251am (see also the webstream) tomorrow – that's Tuesday – at 3.30pm. Better yet, hear me play some records in the half hour beforehand. I have the 'new' one from Fresh Meat and you really aren't gonna wanna miss that!

October 19, 2004

Student PI – a new episode!

'Ey up, kids.

I could write a full entry this fine evening, but I've just finished a arseload of work and need to get up for a lecture at ten tomorrow – no mean feat. But I thought I'd probably do a wee bit of publicity for the new episode of Student PI I've just finished.

"What's Student PI?" I hear you cry. Well, it's only RaW's premier comedy drama series, which follows the adventures of Warwick campus's very own gumshoe, Jack Truman.

And you can catch it tomorrow, Tuesday, at the prime time slot of 3pm. It's gonna be bloody brilliant. 1251am, or listen online. Cheers!

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