November 20, 2004

The Student Radio Awards!

So, about thirty RaW types, past and present, made it down to Shepherd's Bush last night for the 2004 SRA Awards. We were up for three - I say we: Chris Carter was up for Best Specialist Show, the Sports Team was up for Best, erm, Sports, and we were all up for Best Station (having won it last year).

Sport got Bronze in their category, which was a bit gutting as there were only three nominations; Chris got Silver; and RaW as a whole got nowt. Which was fair enough as we swept the board last year. Shame that we can't say we're the UK's Best Student Radio Station any more.

But that's not important, for after the awards were given out, came the Lig-O-Rama. I made the most of the free Bud (shit as it is) and went and schmoozed with as many Radio 1 types as I could find. So, I met:

  • Colin Murray, who I asked "What age are you?" His answer: 27. I also got my photo taken with him (see below) and he recorded a ident for RaW. What a legend.
  • Steve Lamacq, who was trashed, shook my hand and adjusted my tie because it wasn't "rakish" enough.
  • Nemone, who I took the piss out of for doing the graveyard shift on R1, which I then realised was quite a harsh thing to do. So I'm actually going to listen at some point.
  • Comedy Dave who, let's just say, was more "Dave" than "Comedy".
  • James King, who's back at Warwick doing a PhD, and – you heard it here first – will be on RaW in January/February with his own show!

A fun night was had by all, especially young Adam Westbrook who ought to blog all the mucky details before I do. ;)

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  1. Hey, congratulations to Chris (though I expect he won't believe I mean it!) and commiserations for not repeating last year's success. I'm really pleased you guys had a good time and that RaW continues to fly the flag for student radio and Warwick.

    20 Nov 2004, 15:59

  2. T'was a crazy night all round..certainly beat staying in to watch children in need!

    Some crucial details were omitted though Daniel, perhaps in the haziness of your memory:

    1) The minutes noise to Mr Peel
    2) Colin Murrays yasser arafat joke
    3) The 'coke bottle incident'...perhaps that one is best left unsaid.

    As is my own story.

    And i can concur that "comedy" dave is the most miserable sod you're likely to meet outside falujah.

    21 Nov 2004, 00:56

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