December 08, 2004

The Mighty Boosh

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Finally saw this fine piece of programming this evening upon my return from Brum, where I made a right-royal pear-shaped pig's ear of my Diplomatic Service Fast Stream supervised e-tray assessment*. I had seen it before, twice: once when tired and once when I'd been smoking a certain decriminalised substance. The first time I wasn't impressed; the second time I was very impressed. You can probably guess what kind of show it is. This was back in the summer when the Mighty Boosh was on late evening BBC3 - it started on early evening BBC2 a few Wednesday ago, and doing Spanish/skiving Spanish to go drinking around that time, I always missed it.

Now I've seen an episode in relatively sound mind I feel I can pass judgement. Oh, you want some background? Well, the series, the Mighty Boosh, concerns two zookeepers called Howard Moon and Vince Noir and the crazy adventures they get up to in their 'Zoo-niverse' with its array of weird n wunnerful characters. The episode I saw today was the one with the Spirit Of Jazz. Jake WC got me 'into' the series originally and has been going on about this character for ages.

If you liked Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, you'll probably like this (and that's not just because they share actors). It takes a while to 'get' but once you do, you can't put it down, like you would a book. It, however, ain't as good as GM's DP, or Peep Show. It does have some laugh out loud moments, but even the Spirit Of Jazz was kinda disappointing – a poor man's Papa Lazarou mereckons.

The issue I took while watching it this time (I knew this post had a point!) was the time. It's on at 7pm on Wednesdays. Why? If I'm anything to go by, its core audience is at Spanish class then. I'd've thought its surreal brand of comedy suits it more to the 11.30 slot. The most conspicuous evidence for this view comes in the form of them bleeping out pretty much a word a sentence. I sat there, trying to enjoy the programme – which would have been enjoyable, trust me – and the BBC suits go all censorship-happy on Vince's "Fuck the animals" speech. It was so annoying. New time please, BBC2 Controller.

Sorry, for some reason I feel the urge to add this:
"Yeah, give me a second series, y'shit."

*For those of you yet to take the FSSETA: relax – it's fine. I merely made a couple of schoolboy errors. 'Course don't know the results yet so it might be fine. One thing's for sure, I ain't giving you the answers, seeing how you're kinda competing against me.

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  1. Nick Howes

    Bit of Alan Partridge at the end there…

    "Smell my cheese!

    08 Dec 2004, 23:11

  2. Boosh FaNatic

    The scheuduling of The Mighy Boosh is shockingly bad. On BBC3 they were showing at times ranging from 8.30 to 10.30 without any bleeps at all. The most accurate comment I've heard regarding TMB was something like: "Watch it once and you laugh. Watch it three times and it becomes your religion."

    I truly think that everyone who reads this should go and watch TMB, as words alone cannot do it justice (and BBC2 haven't ran any trailers for it so you can't get a feel for it that way). Plus after you've seen it, you'll see the link between a jungle room and "Cheese is a kind of meat, a tasty yellow beef." You know it makes sense.

    01 Jan 2005, 04:20


    yo! the migthy bothsh! ith thoooooooo amathing!

    09 Jan 2005, 22:52

  4. Colin

    can ne1 tell me wen the mighty boosh is comin on dvd fnx

    21 Jan 2005, 17:38

  5. No idea I'm afraid, Colin, though we have been promised a DVD release – the same goes for Garth Marenghi.

    Saw a teaser trailer on Channel 4 last night, which contained the two stars of TMB. Most intriguing…

    29 Jan 2005, 14:48

  6. Said teaser trailer was for Nathan Barley, obviously.

    14 Feb 2005, 03:07

  7. ChickenBoosh

    If Boosh doesn't get a DVD release it'll be the worst injustice EVER!

    Sign the petitions, do what you can, we gotta get it on DVD.

    Nathan Barley was awesome.

    16 Feb 2005, 13:30

  8. louse

    yup TMB is a religion and it would be a crime not to be put on dvd …they better make it!!!

    17 Mar 2005, 18:48

  9. Danger

    Wow; i had no idea people actually liked any of these comedy things I watched (obviously i knew you were all out there SOMEWHERE) – im a huge fan of GMs DP, TMB and Peep Show! They couldnt be more amazing if they went and broadcast themselves LIVE from a bucket of molten brilliance. S'good to see so many fantastic British comedies. Nice work with this site too.

    04 May 2005, 19:01

  10. mightybooshrules

    i live in australia and the mighty boosh is my favourite show of all time, unfortunatley i cant get the radio series and i hav no idea if it is out in aussie land and i am not sure when on earth the dvd is coming out here. TELL ME IF YOU FIND OUT!@!!!!

    24 May 2005, 02:56

  11. Boosh FaNatic

    The Mighty Boosh is coming out on DVD on 12.09.2005. It is available to pre-order on (link), but it will almost certainly be cheaper on,, etc., etc. The radio series of TMB is available to buy on bbcshop also (link), and is also probably cheaper on other sites an' that. And the descriptions of TMB on the other sites are probably more accurate as well, most of the events listed in the bbcshop descriptions never happens, oh well, at least you can listen to a clip of the radio series on the bbcshop site. I don't know if any of these places deliver to Oz, sorry.

    Also, the second series of TMB is currently in rehearsals, I believe. The BBC did move the broadcast time of the first series on BBC2 eventually, after taking the show off just before Christmas (at which point they had only shown 5 eps) and not returning it to our screens until something like February IIRC, and the new time was late night on Sundays (23.40? It was something like that, it was on after Arrested Development. Even one of the announcers called it "a hidden gem". Thinking about it, I can't remember whether she was talking about TMB or AD.) still with no trailers, but with no bleeping.

    One last thing, on Google:

    6,040 results for "the mighty boosh is cool"

    375 results for "the mighty boosh is rubbish"

    Water-tight evidence if ever there was.

    26 May 2005, 10:52

  12. emily

    Boosh comes out on dvd 29th august!!! best news ever

    18 Aug 2005, 22:06

  13. Adam franks

    ive wacthed every single episode so far and there so realistec and i would love to meet
    jullian and noel in live when the last episode hitcher i missed it so much but when
    i heard the second series was out i jumped with joyive had the 1st seires on dvd
    ever since it came out

    p.s im old greg

    02 Sep 2005, 16:32

  14. sqirt

    i think the mighty boosh are to halerious to speak of
    i think there my total and utter HERO

    02 Sep 2005, 16:37

  15. me

    i completely agree with the earlier comment about the boosh, the first time i watched it, i thought…. "hhmmm this is funny and wacky…" then i watched it again, and i became an addict!!

    unlike so many comedies out there, with the boosh, the more you watch, the more you love, the dialogue is a masterpiece!

    16 Sep 2005, 13:03

  16. The dialogue is one of the best things – I dunno if it's improvised or what. Got the DVD t'other day to fill the void left by the premature end of the second series, which, despite the unexplained change of setting, etc., is as good as the first.

    18 Sep 2005, 11:50

  17. Noel Fielding is sexy!!!!

    The Mighty Boosh is 100% quality!!!! Noel Fielding is lush. Its the BEST!! Does any1 no wen the second series is cumin out on DVD?

    11 Dec 2005, 15:45

  18. samantha (what f snails had wings

    i love the mighy boosh and i think noel fielding is a legend, ain't seen series 2 yet can't wait to get the DVD. peace out homies lmao.

    08 Jan 2006, 22:40

  19. Llama

    Calm a llama down!
    Calm a llama deep down to the ocean,
    blue like a barnicle!
    Omgz, life without the Boosh would be like life without cheese.
    Damn boring.

    18 Jan 2006, 03:43

  20. LauraJay

    Anyone going to see The Mighty Boosh on tour??
    can't wait!!

    18 Jan 2006, 17:35

  21. Jason

    yes! i'm sooo seeing the mighty boosh in March at Plymouth Pavilions. I really can't wait. Plus the second series coming out on DVD, it will be great. i think i'm going to go and watch the first series again. heh

    25 Jan 2006, 00:05

  22. Nat

    I think the comment made about the bbc censoring vinces speech 'fuck the animals' is misguided. MAny people seem to think it was bleeped by the bbc, but if you get the dvd, youll find its also on the dvd, the bleeping is meant to be there and its meant to be funny, cos hes all rock and roll etc, i cant understand why people didnt get that

    13 Feb 2006, 15:58

  23. Meh – I swear I saw it on BBC3 without the bleeping…

    13 Feb 2006, 21:47

  24. col

    The Mighty Boosh has become a religion, i watched the 2nd series first not knowing of the first, then went straight out and bought the zoo series, then saw them live the other month

    i live breath mighty boosh now, i find it rather strange when people don't get it, but do i ?

    19 May 2006, 14:15

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