November 05, 2004

A Strangely Noisy Evening

It seems that the charv pub next door (The Jet, in case you were wondering) has decided to celebrate the sterling work our boys are currently doing over in Iraq by recreating the Battle of Fallujah right here in South Leam. It's very loud, and quite pretty. I'm not sure if it's like this in Iraq, but they've also got mini-charves going door-to-door 'carol' singing* in the hope of receiving some sort of payment – I believe they demanded either "sweets or money or else we'll [sound of front door slamming] your house". I'm quaking.

*along the lines of "we wish you a merry bonfire night

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  1. You should hear what it's like in Earlsdon. Fireworks for most of the past five hours which is really starting to piss me off.

    05 Nov 2004, 21:07

  2. Ed

    They'll still be going at 2 in the morning too. And tomorrow night as well.
    Every year, in every town, its always the same.

    Not that I mind personally, but I understand that some people who don't want to be kept awake, and people who have pets, and most people who don't want to have the local kids armed with explosives. And for the sake of these folks, only organised events should be allowed to host fireworks. You'd still get to see fireworks, but only at such events that stop at a sensible time.

    05 Nov 2004, 21:58

  3. Oh, you're just down the road from me. I just stay indoors and ignore the occasional mortar shell firework going off. Hope 'The Jet' shuts up.

    05 Nov 2004, 22:43

  4. Alternatively, go to the union, like what I did. It was a good night. Crash = The Way Forward™.

    06 Nov 2004, 15:19

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