November 05, 2004

A Manifesto

You are witnessing the first entry in a new category I have entitled The Evils of Organised Religion. I'm not a big fan of it you see and this week I've been thinking about it way too much – so much so I'm devoting a segment of my blog to it.

Basically, this is my (so far) one-man crusade against those fundamentalist evil-doers who threaten all that is good and holy. And though much of my fury is directed at 'Christians', don't think you're off the hook, Islamists. I might get round to writing something properly at some point…

Incidentally, I appear to be barred from commenting on that "Thank God for Bush's re-election" blog. Is that because I called him irrational, or has he done it to everyone else?

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  1. He's barred me from commenting on it as well. Another fine example of the religious toleration of other people's views.
    I loathe religion. I think that, if it wasn't for religion, 90% of the world's wars wouldn't have happened. And isn't god great when he can sit back and let millions of people starve worldwide? He's just so overbrimming with love, isn't he?
    Incidentally, I have also dedicated a part of my blog to a certain issue (I wasn't copying, I just happened to do it at the same time). It's about letting women have abortions. Feel free to air any pro-choice views.

    05 Nov 2004, 19:35

  2. Excellent, a new convert to my cause…

    05 Nov 2004, 20:04

  3. Alex Lu

    Religions are bad, but people can't live without them. One of the major reasons people get religious is because they need something to believe in (ironically). In fact, just as I write, I realize there are many more reasons to it. But yet still, no one should be this fanatic about religion. Religion isn't an ultimatum. It only offers one way of interpreting the world. Doesn't mean other do not exist. Doesn't mean other are worse or worthless.

    05 Nov 2004, 20:44

  4. Where do I sign? I too hate invasive organised religion (non-invasive religion I don't care).

    05 Nov 2004, 21:15

  5. acceber

    Yeah I agree organised religon sucks the catholic religon is the biggest cult in the world. If you think about it, they start brainwashing kids from a really young age. Join beckyism instead. It's cooler. Everyone gets to worship me. :)

    15 Nov 2004, 20:19

  6. shiv

    Religon and essentially all orgnized religons, especially Christianty, is dogmatic in every sense of the word. The essential foundation of religon is fear, fear to face ones own problems in reality not fantasy. One must realize that man must look to Himself for awnsers not to Him. We are our own god. In the name of Camus

    18 Nov 2004, 06:14

  7. Christos (grk ortho)

    wow! i thought i was alone in thinking that the entire world of organised religeon was a crock of shit! aparently i'm greek orthodox, but i actualy thought to myself 'why do i go to church?'
    because i'm scared of hell and that i wont be forgiven…blah, blah, blah.
    and because i'm a natural deep thinker, i figured that god is not 1 entity who lives in the clouds,
    but more of a spiritual side that i have, which also encompasses may right and wrong senses.
    So, the church as i see it is a political organisation who feeds of the fears of the average person. They are truely evil in this sense, that they play with emotions for something less than holy… mr bush and bin laden…

    04 Dec 2004, 11:19

  8. Cor, there's a fair few people who've commented. I really ought to get round to writing a bit more on this subject. But my anger has dwindled since US election time and that Mark Higgins blog, so for the moment, meh.

    04 Dec 2004, 12:48

  9. Ah. Well, I'm gonna comment too.

    First, not every Christian in the world ever is happy with Bush's reelection.

    You're really going to have to trust me when I say I really don't like the man as President.

    However. It would appear (allegations of vote-fixing aside) that more than half of Americans want him as their President.

    So it's four more years and counting.

    Second, I can understand you lashing out at organised religion. But erm…well…I don't think the criticism does any harm. If there are peopl doing stuff wrong, then there are people doing stuff wrong. Just because we're religious doesn't mean we're necessarily sane/right/right-wing/reactionary/basically mad.

    No really.

    And also, the indomitable Mr Higgins does not speak for every Christian blogger on WBs.

    And also again, please have a little bit of respect. not pointing fingers, just making a request. I see the same evil in the world you do. But yet I still believe God loves me, and us.

    It's a question of faith. Well, now I'm stating the obvious, but hey.

    And picking up on what Christos said, I believe God is everywhere, but also that He is within me. And you can believe that I'm wrong and you can believe that all Christians are a few sandwiches short of a picnic or suffering from some kind of mass delusion, and that's your prerogative. but I believe I'm right. And I believe what I see. And what I see is God. Everywhere.

    Thanks for reading this inordinately long comment, I won't take up any more space.

    23 Dec 2004, 23:31

  10. Thanks for commenting, Jill. I've got nowt against Christians as individuals – indeed, some of my best friends are Christians. Hell, I class myself as a Christian. Aside from the occasional fornication, use of contraception (do these two cancel out? I like to think so), abortion-condoning and non-attendance of Church, God'd probably agree I'm a Good Person.

    I just get annoyed when people get preachy. So far, Jill, you haven't transgressed so I've got nothing against you.

    I'll be writing something about Bush when I get around to it, so stay tuned.

    29 Dec 2004, 11:05

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