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October 26, 2004

John Peel and the Delays

Aw man, I can't believe John Peel's dead! I've just been listening to the coverage on Radio 1 and I've actually been feeling rather emotional. The guy was such a legend – discovering bands like the Smiths and the White Stripes; Home Truths…

I found out at 2 o'clock today, just as I was about to start what was probably my most exciting radio show in all my time at RaW. So when the news bulletin on the hour said that the great man had just died, it put a real downer on everything. The Delays were coming on for 3 and I didn't really have a plan for the first hour (except play the new episode of Student P.I. at some point) so I made it a John Peel memorial show. I played a bit of the White Stripes and Joy Division, but I couldn't find any Teenage Kicks in the record library, the bastards. Then I decided to have a minute's silence. I played a bit of vinyl which turned out to be dodgy so I thought it would be a great idea to do a John Peel-style "Uh, whoops, the vinyl went a bit wrong, there, uh…", but my on-air impression was didn't sound anything like his voice – it sounded great off-air. Either way, Tom, my guest, decided I'd be going to Hell.

Later, both a Minidisc and a CD fucked up while they were going out on air, so I can only attribute that to either karma, or JP's ghost messing with the studio's machines.

At 3, the Delays made an appearance! They were supposed to be on at 2, which inspired many a Delays-related joke. But it was well cool. It was such a good interview and Aaron and Rowly are really sound guys. They put me and anyone who was hanging around in the studio on the guestlist for tonight's gig at the Union. Shame I've got an essay in for tomorrow. I should probably get cracking with that actually, if I want to go…

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