July 10, 2005

War of the Worlds Review

Writing about web page http://imdb.com/title/tt0407304/

We I'll say it's a review but it my writing skills might not warrant that title.

I saw this film with my brother, his friend and his friend's dad. The dad kindly took us out to the local multiplex cinema. This is relatively rural America and there are still 3 multiplex cinemas within 10 miles.

First off, I really did enjoy this movie, I thought it was a good story (I have yet to read the original story by H.G. Wells, but after this, it's worth a look), and it was a fresh look at the apocalyptic genre.

There certainly was plenty of drama leading up to this movie. Tom cruise seems a run away hype and headline machine. This whole 'thing' with Katie Holmes, and various 'less than PC' comments made to the media.

But onto the film itself. Above I did like the fresh style of this movie. The world is under attack and is being systematically wipe out, but our story is not being told from the point of some military command of the US, or NASA, or involving any big heros… in fact it's about an average guy who is a bit of a jerk, and him running for his life with his two kids, trying to stay one step ahead of extermination. This gives a story which is possibly to relate to in a more real way.

I also liked the alien machines. They were a modern twist on a retro style. War of the Worlds has been made into a film before, back in 1953. Maybe some of the visual ideas in this came from that. The tripod alien machines seemed like they could have done.

Speilberg was masterful with the constant and unrelenting stream of action. The aliens themselves had little air time in the film at all, bringing viewers to fear what they had not yet seen. It was certainly an interesting mix of intense drama, action and horror.

Upon reflection, the instillation of family values was quite apparent in the film, with Ray, Tom Cruise's character, regularly shielding his daughter Rachel from the horrors happening all around them. A provoking talking point, that one.

For those who have not seen the film, I hope I have been as vague as possible with the content of the movie here… but for those people who have seen this excellent film, I particularly liked the link from the end to the beginning, and also… any opinions on those red/blood roots?

I hope other people enjoyed the film too, and I do encourage other people to check it out

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  1. The tripods are straight out of the book!

    Do read it, but don't expect America in 2005. It's Victorian Surrey.

    10 Jul 2005, 19:16

  2. Oh really, heh maybe it's just something ideologically un-modern about tripod shaped alien machines.

    So have you seen the movie as well as the book? Thoughts?

    11 Jul 2005, 03:54

  3. Dom

    Hmm I think I may have read it, I'm not sure. I recall some of the story, and parts of the book quite vividly, and about the tripods. I think perhaps at primary school we studied bits of it or something

    17 Jul 2005, 01:58

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