July 08, 2005

State of the Union address

the subtle reference in the title will make more sense with some context of my State.

It's still near the begining of the holiday, and all in good in my slovenly world.

  1. First year is done, and with a 1st. 82% overall which I was rather pleased about. The highlights being Functional Programming at 96% and Maths at 94%. The latter being a pleasant surprise. I just won't mention the Discrete Maths II.

  2. I am currently in America and have been since the 20th of June, and will be untill the 12th of September…. so that's pretty much by summer here. Just two weeks back in the UK before term starts.

  3. My time has so far been spent enjoying mainly great weather in a house on a waterfront, swimming in the pool, kayaking, even a bit of fishing but mainly soaking up the WiFi with my laptop on a couch. Nice huh?

But alas even though good things come to those wait, not all good things last, and so my slovenly days are number, as I am off to work. Work at Pfizer (New London) in fact. Just waiting on my social security number and then I'm all set. All is not lost though, as I shall be doing some software development, among other things, working on some database related software.

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  1. Well done and good luck for the coming days !!

    09 Jul 2005, 12:06

  2. Dom

    heh its a crushing blow having to go back to work after lazying around all day, but im making up for it now at the wekend! woo

    09 Jul 2005, 15:12

  3. You didn't come top in FP? Wow. Haha j/k, well done. How did you manage 94% in maths though?!!! Congrats on that especially.

    09 Jul 2005, 16:20

  4. Someone got more than 96%? Who?

    My down fall was not putting equality types in when there should have been.
    I noticed it at the time but they had not been included when the type def was given earlier in the question, so i ignored it. So it wasn't just my mistake. Thats my excuse anyway.

    The 94% on the maths was quite surprising. I knew i had done well, but wasn't expecting it to be that good.

    Little disappointed with the discrete 1 mark, the second half i got 80% on but the first half only 60%, which is quite a change from my 100% in the class test. But it simply was a case of being a slacker in easter, no-one to blame except myself on that one.

    09 Jul 2005, 16:40

  5. Me. 98%.

    09 Jul 2005, 16:40

  6. Damn! heh good stuff.

    I did the first part question 6 for fun after I had completed the rest of the exam and checked through several times. I spose I should of switched to doing 6 rather than 4 to gaurentee a higher mark.

    Ah well it's all good fun

    09 Jul 2005, 16:47

  7. Dom

    98%! Wow well done david!
    I got 96% like Deej. heh not as good on the maths but nevermind!
    How did you do for the Discrete Maths 2? I got 65% oh yeah! I wonder how many people got a first on it…

    17 Jul 2005, 01:37

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