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July 08, 2005

Response to the recent London transport bombings

First i'd like to add to the large echo of respect to affected families, which is around the Internet at the moment.

Due to the time zones i woke up to this news after it had all occurred and initial reports had come out. It was certainly very shocking news to wake up to.

People have individual ways of dealing with extreme situations, particularly ones involving grief. Some people people are very passive in their response, others very active. Some people make jokes to lighten what is otherwise despressing, others are sullen and serious.

Not that I intentionally want to trample on a certain styles of reponse, but there are a few that I found hard to agree with.

The most simple case of this being people who respond with in a blatently insensitive or immature manner. Enough said on that.

Ones that are more difficult to classify are ones like this… (sorry forgot the link so no direct quote)

Condolences… respect… . You have had your 9/11 and for that I am truely sorry … etc

This air of self pity is, in my opinion a bad thing.

  1. This was not a 9/11, from a statistics perspective, one was several thousand people dying, the other was around 50. Human life is certainly not a numbers game I hasten to add, but the descrepancy is undeniable.

  2. Having a 9/11 is not a club, and if there every was a club for victims of terrorism, 9/11 was not the founding member.

Fortunately the current resolve of public statements in the UK has the right focus. This is no more than a blip on the radar, we will grieve for those who have been lost, but it will not change us. This act of terrorism should not be allowed to succeed by manipulating the 'British way of life' or anyone's way of life for that matter.

Terrorism is the use of extreme violence to generate fear. The act itself is only the 'seed', as such, and the details of it are almost irrelevant.

The act of crashing planes into buildings back in 2001 killed alot of people and then developed very successfully in inciting a culture of fear. The U.S. government even picked up the reins and continues to perpetuate it.

By being phased you are instantly giving victory to the terrorists. Active defense of your way of life can be a neccesary response at times, but the key is to 'attack' back by being unchanged, by carrying on.

Of course there is a fine line between doing this in ignorance and doing it in thoughtfulness… but making a diversion out of fear is to lose your battle.

We should not be making war on terrorism as that is a misguided approach, and the words don't even make any sense. We should be resisting and absorbing terrorism. We should be re-evaluating our effect on other people in our world to make sure that we are right before we start blaming other people of being wrong.

Above all else though, we should not be letting this sway our focus and perspective from much more important issues which are being discussed in the G8. Making poverty history and protecting our environment.
Death and suffering by terrorism is a drop in the ocean compared to death and suffering caused by poverty, and further more environmental issues will impact everyone.

State of the Union address

the subtle reference in the title will make more sense with some context of my State.

It's still near the begining of the holiday, and all in good in my slovenly world.

  1. First year is done, and with a 1st. 82% overall which I was rather pleased about. The highlights being Functional Programming at 96% and Maths at 94%. The latter being a pleasant surprise. I just won't mention the Discrete Maths II.

  2. I am currently in America and have been since the 20th of June, and will be untill the 12th of September…. so that's pretty much by summer here. Just two weeks back in the UK before term starts.

  3. My time has so far been spent enjoying mainly great weather in a house on a waterfront, swimming in the pool, kayaking, even a bit of fishing but mainly soaking up the WiFi with my laptop on a couch. Nice huh?

But alas even though good things come to those wait, not all good things last, and so my slovenly days are number, as I am off to work. Work at Pfizer (New London) in fact. Just waiting on my social security number and then I'm all set. All is not lost though, as I shall be doing some software development, among other things, working on some database related software.

It was coming sooner or later

but it took a year to get there.
This blog that is. Although in browsing through warwick blogs, I am finding phrases which incorporate the word blog increasingly irritating.
Blog this, blog that, her blog, his blog, or just Blog It! ... maybe it's just an aversion to 'buzz'

Anyway, as it's taken so long to develop the inertia for this, a fair bit of draft content has built up along the way, so expect frequent posting and hopefuly it will stay that way.

The mission statement? I think it is something along the lines of being a frictionless outlet for daily thoughts and state.

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