March 02, 2006

Can Globalization make poverty history ?

on "Can Globalisation Make Poverty
History?" will be hosted by CSGR on Tuesday the 7th of March.

The event aims to take stock of the probably unprecedented series of
studies, events, and actions on the issue that have taken place during
the last few years, and suggest ways to look at it in the future.

The style of the presentations will be non-technical in
order to make the event accessible to a large audience of people. The
talk will be held in room S0.21 and start at 6.30pm, and is envisaged to
last for 2 hours. Teas and sandwiches will be served from 6.00pm. You
may find more information about the event on this web page:

gianluca grimalda

March 01, 2006

RACHITA's message

Dear All

This is to invite you for the second IEL Social of the academic year. With all the
good feedback from the last Social, the Law School has decided to pour in a little
more money for drinks and crisps, while we are organizing a special three course
Indian dinner. The meal is for 4.5 pounds per head (a real good deal). Please make
you hand in the money to Gerald Chihota or Faisal Buttar (SSLC reps) after the IEL
class this Wednesday (March 1, 2006).

Venue- The foyer area around Social Studies Caf? and Porters Lounge, Social Studies
Building (outside the area where we had our IEL class last term)

Date- March 8, 2006 (Wednesday)

Time- 6:15pm- 10pm

The second SSLC Meeting of the term is scheduled for this Wednesday – March 1, 2006-
as well. Send in your suggestions/complaints/issues as soon as possible.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there before we go off for the Easter Vacation.


Rachita Bansal

February 26, 2006

W.T.O Hong Kong 2005 : The video

coming soon …

The video of the WTO HONG KONG conference.

speech of the different ministers etc…

The World Economic Forum

Writing about web page

I found a good website full of usefull information about the possibility, ways for developing countries to improve their current situation.

One of the reason why I liked this website is because it displays a lot of video of conferences that has been delivered by leading figures working in the field of International Economic Diplomacy.

The files are good quality and last for about 1.30 h each – for free obviously.

some examples :

China goes global

Can a Ball Change the World: The Role of Sports in Development

Next Steps for Africa

Water: Property or Human Right?

and some others interesting topics…

November 11, 2005

Going to London for £2 return ! Paris for £6 !

Hi all,

Lot of us would like to go to London for week ends or just to go away from this depressing place that is sometimes Warwick Campus…

I just found on the National Express Website that it was possible to go from coventry to London for £2 only !

You just need to book in advance, those special faires are called " fun fares"

I thought you could be interested by that.


PS : Using the same website, I just bought my ticket to paris for £6 !

outward fare: £1.00 (funfare)
return fare: £1.00 (funfare)

November 10, 2005

ANO MILLER "I am the black girl with dreadlocks

I think that we should all use this blog as a way to get to know each other and as
an outlet to express or views on anything at all. Since I am the first to respond to
Daniel's request… goes!!!!!
My name is Ano Miller, 22 years old from Kingston, Jamaica. I am loving our
programme so far. Unfortuneatley I haven't met nearly enough people in our
class… fault! I am going to try to get to know everyone (so I say but we will
see how that goes). If you don't know who I am, I am the black girl with dreadlocks
who sits at the front of most my classes except Finance (i was late on the first
day), with the most beautiful smile, if I do say so myself.
Well that is all the rubbish I can think of right now. I hope to get a chance to
meet everyone tomorrow. till then.

November 09, 2005

Who wants to help for the postgrad. fair ?


I gather you have very kindly said that you would be willing to help us
out on our postgraduate Open Day next wednesday afternoon. I believe
Shaheen and Abdul have given you an idea of what is involved but we would
want students to be in the Atrium where the Fair is being held with a Law
School laptop and talk to anybody that comes along about the programme.
The laptop gives access to the information about the degrees and we will
also give you some leaflets. You won't be expected to know more than you
do already!

Members of staff will be available in their offices if anyone wants more
detailed info. The event takes place between 12–4. We are more than
happy for a rota of students to do this – it doesn't have to be SSLC reps
– so for instance 4 people could do one hour each but I would be most
grateful if you could recruit the volunteers. We are arranging for
students from IEL to be there too.

Can you let Sharon know who is going to do when. I am more than happy to
meet whoever is going to be involved next tuesday and I am sure Sharon can
assist you also.

We are really grateful for your help on this.

Ann Stewart
Reader in Law
School of Law, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, UK
Tel (0)24 76523207

Miss Sharon King
Postgraduate Admissions Secretary
School of Law
University of Warwick

Tel +44 (0) 2476 524935
Fax +44 (0) 2476 524105
E Mail:

November 08, 2005

Diner On Friday


We all have to make the most of the diner that our committee members have organized for us !

We are truly an international class, and sadly it seems that not everyone knows…....everyone !
Knowing people around the world is definitely important for all of us for many reasons…

This blog give the opportunity to introduce ourselves and then a real interaction will be possible…

Please do not hesitate to add comments or entries on this blog…


Daniel …

October 28, 2005


Writing about web page

Two main webpages are dedicated to the IEL Students.

On one hand you have the IEL Forum, which permits to know each other , know about socials etc… and one the other hand, the IEL blog which is related to the course, and other general Information..

Please be all active in both the Forum and The blog !

October 23, 2005


The purpose of this section is to teach you how to increase you reading speed. Shortly we will be adding a section for reading BETTER as opposed to FASTER.

We all have a capacity for reading much faster than we typically do. Our reading speed changes as we go through life. When we are in high school, we go through about two hundred words a minute. We get to college and, because we have to read faster due to more time constraints and a much greater amount to read, we read faster. Most people in college average about 400 words per minute. Then we get out of college, and now we don't have to read so fast. There are no longer time constraints, and we can read slow and easy. We find ourselves dropping back down to about 200 words per minute.

More on : link

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