November 23, 2004

Other anger im venting

I forgot to get this anger out earlier…..

1) The bulb from the light in my room is blown, they want me to think that i cant blame anyone for this, but warwick….. you suck

2) A glass fell off the cupboard above my sink onto my head while i was having a drink of water from the tap. It hurt. Also it angers me that my own lethargy begat this pain, if i had filled the glass and had a drink out of it, instead of drinking from the tap, the glass would have been in use and wouldnt have landed on my head, breaking and undoubtedly leaving glass in my head for later amusement.

3) Powercut in rootes, it just pissed me off. Cant they get anything right?

4) Top Banana

5) The washing machines and tumble dryers for rootes, they're a complete waste of time and money, my clothes are now just wet and dirty.

6) The fact i have nothing better to do, or rather the motivation required to do anything with my time than write on this pointless blog. I mean what do i expect to achieve from this really? Will it make me feel better in any way? no it wont, in fact it will just remind me of what pissed me off today.

I bid you all a farewell. If you read this far you obviously need help as this is just a whining entry from some random guy you probably don't even know. Well done, you are a loser.

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  1. Yippie! Cheer up dude.

    23 Nov 2004, 02:55

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