November 28, 2004

Group blog

Writing about web page

I have been thinking about making one for a while but only just got round to it. We can keep track of each others progress over christmas and also post our individual presentations so someone appointed can consolidate it all and make a finished package. It's at the link posted above and it will hopefully be live at some point on Monday. See you guys tomorrow after labs for our meeting.


November 05, 2004

The Kamakazi Chemist makes a spectacular return!

I thought it was all over when we chose our own lab partners for the spec labs but oh no! Fate dealt me yet another cruel hand when The kamakazi chemist and i were very nearly brought back together today in a freak accident. After first being deserted by my supposed 'friends' i found refuge in the wonderful Micky who promised to keep me company through hard times but alas it wasnt to be. The powers that be decided that would be far to easy for me and The legendary T Drewello went and put me in a pair with Mick Jagger. It's the stuff of nightmares. It has taken me ages to write this blog since i only have one arm left after the lab manual was misread and she managed to blow up a seemingly innocent mixture of water and more water and destroyed the undergraduate laboratories. I demand an Enquiry!

November 02, 2004

Anyone for Chinese?

All of my housemates are leaving me at the weekend and i dont have any friends. Can you beleive that 4 out of my 5 housemates chose this weekend to go home? The one remaining housemate is leaving me to go out for tea with his parents so i'm going to sit at home with a chinese (takeaway not person) and wallow in self pity. Does anyone want to join me?

Pool tables – the last refuge for English students?!

Imagine my suprise when i went to get myself a double chocolate flake frescato, and as i walked into rococo the whole place fell silent. I turned around to look for the cause of this sudden silence and saw a sea of cypriats blinking back at me over their espressos and similar silly small drinks with a look of disgust. needless to say i made a swift exit.
To cheer myself up after my lack of frescato i made my way over to cafe library only for a similar fate to befall me as i was ordering my 'bigger breakfast', only this time it was chinese students and i swear i saw the glint of steel from behind an innocent looking chinese girl. This left me only one option – Cholo, where i sat slowly contracting lung cancer from all the cigarette smoke. All in all, a pretty dissatisfying day.
I can't wait for the hoilidays…

November 01, 2004

Dark tower or work?!

I have a problem, there is a relatively well known series of books by Stephen King known as the dark tower series. I read the 1st of these about 5 years ago and have been hooked since. There are 7 books in all, the 7th having just been released. They are one continous story follwing Roland the gunslinger _and his 'ka-tet' in their search for the elusive _Dark Tower.
This sounds so sad but i haven't been able to do anything since i got this book, i havent been doing work i just can't concentrate, i need to know what happens! i have even been off my food. It's a slippery slope i just can't help it. it's calling to me now, it's hidden in my room but i know its there. It's no use, i'm going to have to read it. All 680 pages!!! AAAARRGGGHHHH!!!! i might jsut read the end and spoil it for myself then i will actually do some washing or work or something. Is anyone else having the same problem?!?

October 28, 2004

stab nation: a stain on the unions fine reputation!?

This could prove to be a controversial blog, but i have to say that soul nation on a Friday night is the single scariest time to be a student at Warwick. The regular fights, bottlings and general social deviance turn the union into a gangland war zone. I really think it's time to put a stop to this event, it's just not necessary.I think a protest outside union north could be in order…or maybe just an email to the president…or i might just moan about it a bit more to my house mates. oh well. the thought was there.

Blogs (boring i know)

How useful are these things? and also what are we supposed to write? it seems a bit strange. Just as a test, does anyone think that Tom Drewello is Goldmember from Austin Powers?

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