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March 16, 2009


We thought given our lack of updates recently, and this being something we have considered at length, it was about time we added a list of quotes from the elective. We will update this list as more, no doubt, entertaining quotes arise…

“I am not racist… it is too expensive to be racist”
Quique, Extremely Talkative Proprietor of the Blue House, Lima

“I couldn’t be a closet gay… it’s too late to be a closet gay… I don’t
give a fuck, I have friends who are gay… and I say fuck it”

“I call her a witch… in a friendly way… I say… you are fucking
witch” Quique on addressing his wife and all other women.

“My mother does not like called witch… because she is real witch”
Quique on his mother

“Good night… I speak English?”
Dan’s opening line on booking a hotel in Lima (en espanol)

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