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March 10, 2009

Stuck in a New York cage

On travelling to Times Square, we naturally proceeded through a turnstyle. Unfortunately, immediately past said turnstyle, was a wrought iron grill which, despite our best efforts, declined to permit our exit. The result was that we found ourselves trapped between the metal turnstyle and the locked gate. Our cage was around 2 feet square. Unfortunately we were not alone in witnessing this embarrasing-if completely understandable-error of judgement. A dozen New Yorkers stood by idly enjoying our discomfort.

March 09, 2009

New York and Arrival in Lima

So.. after a couple of days we´ve arrived in Lima. We first of all had our 24 hours in New York, and were able to successfully manoeuvre our transfer to our hotel, which was basic, but on reflection.. palacial!
During our visit we sampled a local chinese restaurant, saw Time Square at night, ran through Central Park in the early morning, and just about saw the Statue of Liberty in the distance on Ellis Island (highly disappointing when we were in a rush-thanks to some moronic NY policeman who tried to tell us how to get lost, instead of how to get to ground zero, which we never arrived at).
Anyway, we continued from New York City, unscathed, to Lima, with a few memories..
1. Dave leaving the bag of our most important posessions on the stairs.
2. Dave forgetting his coat and walking half way down the street.
3. Me dropping my suitcase several times.

On arrival in Lima, we called and made a reservation for a hostel for a reasonable $9 per night per person, and arrived to find a very basic room, but it´s done the job nicely. In the light of day the place is pretty nice and we´ll stay here until our transfer to Cusco. We´re staying in the Miraflores region, which is apparently the safe area, and the beach looks pretty good too, which if we can get to it, we intend to go for some runs on. Pictures etc to follow, hello to all back home..

Dan and Dave

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