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May 31, 2009

Bleep test

So on Wednesday, I foolishly decided to embark on assessing my current level of fitness, using the bleep test (click link to find out more). I had signed up thinking it would be a good way of assessing how I’m doing with my weight loss and fitness levels at the moment – but it was really nerve-racking actually. Felt kind of like going into an exam!

They use the test for admission into the armed forces, police, etc and as an apparently fairly objective measure of cardiovascular fitness.

I actually did ok, I was pleased with an 11.6 which would reach the minimum standard for the army, navy, police etc, and also the royal marines which is pretty pleasing! (though don’t get me wrong.. they do a lot more than one bleep test to check potential applicants!). That said, I felt I could have run better, and I wasn’t very well hydrated, was pretty tired and generally felt on poor form.

Needless to say I’m going back this week to attempt to better my score and get a more ‘realistic result’. How foolish.


Solicitor search online

So, here’s a random one for you. I was in search of a solicitor (for reasons I shall not bore you with!), and of course thought of the web as the first port of call. I trawled through google as you’d expect, and obviously a whole host of sites came up (mostly fairly useless!).

One of the websites I did find though in order to find a solicitor was The site mainly allows you to find your own solicitor in your area and the area of expertise that is most appropriate to you. Obviously there are tonnes of these search sites around, and this is by no means the first one that comes up in the searches, but the way it works it pretty simple and it has a number of pretty decent features, such as the ability to download DIY legal documents which I thought was interesting (although this feature is not actually up and running yet, but I thought that seemed like quite a good idea, since you can get all those will kits and things anyway – why not have them online for download?).

The area I was looking into was regarding personal injury solicitors following a couple of car accidents a year or two ago, although I think I’ve decided not to bother for the moment now – but the website was pretty comprehensive and this page talks specifically about personal injury solicitor. You can just sort of look through and find the people who specialise in what you need. There’s a number of ways to search, and as I say the site seems pretty easy to use and navigate (e.g. you can find solicitors in Manchester), so I just though I’d share it as these things can always be a bit of a mine-field. So if you’re looking for a solicitor for any reason, might be a good port of call, if it’s any use to anybody.


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