July 13, 2006

'hand picked'

I've noticed recently that shops have started using phrases like 'hand picked' (M&S cherries) and 'hand podded' (Sainsbury's peas). What the fuck? What extra value do they think this adds? I'm supposed to be pleased that they've made some poor person working at less than minimum wage pod my peas for me? This is a selling point? Perhaps soon, next to the 'Fair Trade' chocolate they'll have a section for chocolate made from cocoa guaranteed to be picked by indentured labourers (just think about how M&S could use that in one of their adverts – "this isn't just chocolate, this is chocolate that workers have spent 16 hours a day picking").

Maybe it's a new move towards ethical retailing? As well as giving the name of the food they're selling on the label, whether it's organically produced or not, etc., they're going to tell us the conditions of the workers who helped to bring it to us. That would have enormous revolutionary potential. People would begin to see how much exploitation is involved in the production of their food, and would demand change. The supermarkets are the new vanguard! I also expect them to start advertising the estimated weight of carbon and other pollutants produced in making and bringing each product to us. The supermarkets could truly save the world.

Or maybe they're just moronic wankers who have misinterpreted the reasons behind our desire for 'hand made' food? Some doofus in their marketing department has drawn a graph which shows that when you include the words 'hand made' or 'hand prepared' on food, people buy it more often than when you don't, and so the obvious conclusion is to slap on more labels with the word 'hand' in them. I hope that people aren't dumb enough to fall for this. I hope that people like 'hand made' food because it tastes nicer when good quality ingredients, care and attention have been put into it, rather than being the product of an industrial process that leaves it so bland that it has to be packed full of salt, sugar and fat to taste of anything at all.

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  1. Leighton Joskey

    There is so much more they could offer in your local supermarket;




    13 Jul 2006, 10:03

  2. OOoohhhh! I've ordered ten bags of that monkey tea! :–D

    13 Jul 2006, 15:02

  3. Christopher Rossdale

    I hope that people aren't dumb enough to fall for this.

    It's not stupidity, it's close mindedness. I'll wager the topic here won't even cross the majority of minds, purely because that's a closed avenue. I hope i'm wrong.

    Mmm, Monkey tea!

    14 Jul 2006, 00:46

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