August 08, 2006

Almost finished my PhD

I have almost finished my PhD. The thesis is written, and barring any (hopefully minor) suggestions from my supervisor, all I need to do is print it out and get it bound and then I'm done. That is, until the dreaded viva.

I'm quite pleased that although neither the paper I've written nor my thesis have been published yet, if you search for the subject of my thesis (quasifuchsian space) on Google, they come up as the second and third entries, right after the web page of Fields medal winner Curt McMullen.

I'm also quite pleased that I've just noticed a paper (not yet published even) by two quite distinguished mathematicians (no names!) which proves a result that is just a very special case of the result in my thesis. Victory is mine! :–)

The bad news though is that my time in Warwick is almost up, and so is the life of this blog. Still a few weeks to go though…

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  1. Natasha

    That must be incredibly satisfying to have finished your PhD. I have mathematicians in my family and I am in complete awe of their ability. They say to me, with great modesty (and I have found that mathematicians seem to be particularly modest people) “Anyone can do Maths.” But, believe me I look at the problems they have solved and can’t even begin to understand any of it.

    03 Sep 2006, 18:18

  2. Thanks Natasha. :-)

    04 Sep 2006, 00:59

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