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July 03, 2006

BBC News headline writer should be sacked

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Do we all remember "comprehension" questions in GCSE English? They usually took the form of a very simple paragraph, followed by a multiple choice list of statements, one of which summed up the paragraph. I'd like you to see if you can correctly answer the following GCSE English question:

Q5. [2 marks]

In its report, the committee says no recent cases provide justification for a longer detention period.

But it adds: "The growing number of cases and the increase in suspects monitored by the police and security services make it entirely possible, and perhaps increasingly likely, that there will be cases that do provide that justification.

"We therefore believe that the 28-day limit may well prove inadequate in the future."

Which of the following statements best describes the paragraphs above?

  1. The 28 day limit is too long
  2. The 28 day limit is sufficient, but may have to be extended
  3. The 28–day limit will almost certainly need to be extended

If you got the right answer, then you did better than the buffoon who writes headlines and summaries for the BBC News page.

The BBC article linked to above is entitled:

28-day terror limit 'inadequate'

In case we were in any doubt about what the headline writer thinks, the one line summary of the article reads:

The 28–day limit for police to hold terror suspects without charge will almost certainly need to be extended, an influential committee of MPs says.

Are we dealing with an idiot or an ideologue?

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