April 19, 2006

Why do i not blog more?

Ok i am wondering why i do not blog more?
I mean i don't have a diary i write in (other than to remember where to be) so i was thinking why don't i use this site more?
A few ideas popped into my head.
Its not exactly well used ingeneral is it? i mean i write of medical forums and martial arts ones but i never put a thought down here. maybe thats because i know no one will reply which is what i seek i(interaction).

Ah well maybe its just because i don't usually have this much time (3 whole hours till my next exam… portfolios are all done and feedback finished!).

Anyway i think i should put more down in here so at least i will have something to look back on professionally and see what i managed to get through at med school.

Then again maybe my attention will drift back to the medics rugby forum and it will be another month before i sit down to type on here.
We will see…


September 16, 2004

First day

Ok well as you can tell by the date stamp this actually isn't the first day of the rest of my life (well at med school at least).
Surprised to meet so many like minded people (apart form the Dr fever we all feel) almost a 100% ski fan base, plenty of rugby plaers, fantastic house mate and neighbours.

What more could i ask for? well a new steth, hammer, disection kit to name a few…. xmas has come early this year.

Having a hard time to know what to write, many an idea is popping in but i guess i will have to arrange them into some sort of logical order and put them down here as well as doing it more often so they don't fly off in the mean time.

Well to all a fond farewell until the next time and eat drink and make merry for tommorrow you may have no money!


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