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April 19, 2006

The Effects of Swiss Chocolate on High–Caffeine Beverages

Nothing quite like a steaming hot brew of liquid stimulants is there? Coffee shop frequenters would disagree, probably exclaiming something like "But what about a Frosted Topaloppafrappolatte with extra espressocino flakes!?!"

However, I was recently having myself a rare vat of the brown stuff when a startling opportunity arose..

See, coffee is pretty dependable. It's brown, tastes of coffee and is always too hot to drink for at least 20 minutes.


This also makes it pretty boring. "Not for long!" thought I, observing a lone Toblerone chunk upon my desk.


Clearly, there was no way this couldn't be a good idea! Ahem.. So after rigging up the appropriate Allen Key Delivery System, I set about revolutionising caffeine for the masses.


After deposition of the Toblerone Chunk, the reaction mixture was agitated with an appropriate piece of laboratory equipment.


The Acid Test…


Frankly, the previous image portrays one of the worst 10 moments of my life. Right inbetween the great jam-smothered bee pursuit of 1998 and trapping my entire head in the fridge door.


In summary, if youre ever tempted to dissolve Swiss chocolate in hot beverage.. don't. Just don't.


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