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September 27, 2010

"Education, education, education" – Week 51

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This first week has been like a plethora of ideas all coming at once, but as the week draws to a close I feel like I am beginning to create some kind of order out of the frantic madness of it all!

Whilst the start of the course seemed like a range of different tasks all required of us, now that I am beginning the second week they have all fallen into place and I can begin to see the links and the importance each and every element has in order to increase our knowledge and understanding of the craft of teaching.

On Monday 20th September I still felt like a student; like I had so much more to learn before I could even begin to face the challenge of teaching the generations of the future, however now, a mere week on, I am beginning to feel that what I know already is of great value and the ways I will be able to use and implement this knowledge within a classroom setting.

The pre-course reading and observations have formed a useful basis upon which to develop our understanding and indeed have began to impact on my own ideas for useful and effective teaching practice. I already feel like a wealth of ideas have been presented to us, not just within the drama space but also during our core sessions, and beginning to see the links between the two gives a huge sense of satisfaction; that it is all clicking into place.

This first week we were asked to consider what sort of a learning environment we hope to create for our learners and I am writing my down here to see how, if at all, this aim changes throughout the course and more specifically how it will change after our first placement in school.

“When learners come to my drama classroom I will endeavour to create for them an atmosphere where they feel safe to challenge their own beliefs and ideas whilst being open minded to other people’s.”

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