October 31, 2011

Follow–up on An introduction to skills development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio

Here's a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points

  1. To commit myself to completing the further workshops and applying what I learn to my everyday life

    I have just completed a second workshop and look forward to applying myself to further ones in the near future. I have found them to be compelling, practical and important to maintaining and developing the skills I need to bring to my Masters study and work life. I hope to complete the necessary workshops for this award by the beginning of next term.

  2. To apply the skills and techniques highlighted in situations outside my comfort zone and become more flexible and adaptable

    I have applied the ideal learning situations I discovered from this workshop to my recent studies. Making sure I put the theory into context, relating it back to examples which illustrate the bigger picture. This has helped to improve my overall learning and understanding. Plus, I have tried to be more spontaneous and flexible in my approach to group work which has stretched me and helped to encourage my creative side.

  3. To improve my self reflection by listening to feedback from others and use of structured self assessment

    Recently I have applied most of my reflection to my personal life and this has helped to highlight and overcome some of my insecurities. Most important to me is the feedback from others. This has been of particular help in my academics, in particular, my presentation skills which have been moved forward as a result of well structured and insightful comments.

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  1. Samena Rashid

    dear Gwyn

    Thank you for your update.

    Have you decided which workshops you will attend?

    It would also be useful for you to draw upon specific examples in relation to your update on action point 2 and 3. So for example what type of feedback did you get about your presentation skills etc,

    I look forward to your next blog


    04 Nov 2011, 14:27

  2. Dafydd Davies

    Dear Samena,

    I’ve attended, ‘Effective Seminar Participation’ and ‘Developing your Critical Thinking at Masters Level’ and hope to go on to attend ‘Working in a Team’, ‘Delivering Effective Presentations’ and ‘Career planning’ at the moment.

    The feedback I got from my first presentation was generally positive and some areas to focus on are simplifying the volume of content I put across on the slides, for example stick to key words. Plus, go into detail to avoid coming across as superficial, so try to avoid broad, generalised statements. I scored well and hope to take this on and further improve my presentation skills in future.


    13 Nov 2011, 15:07

  3. Samena Rashid

    Dear Gwyn

    Thank you for this

    I look forward to your next entry detailing progress against your other action points

    keep up the good work

    best wishes

    18 Nov 2011, 01:10

  4. Dafydd Davies

    Dear Samena,

    For action point 1, alongside the workshops I have already completed and blogged on, I’m booked to attend an ‘Introduction to academic writing at Masters level’ and hope to gain a place on the Warwick Leadership scheme so need to complete the ‘Leading a group project’ next term.
    For action point 2, alongside my effective learning techniques I have found understanding my preferred roles in a team effective to understanding and performing my best during assignments. For action point 3, I continue to reflect on my scores to justify areas for improvement. Plus, pay close attention to the comments from my tutors and try to tailor my assignments to them, as illustrated in the example from my previous comment where it was suggested I reduce the volume of content on my slides and this was achieved as reflected in the positive feedback on my clear and informative slide construction in my last assignment.


    14 Dec 2011, 12:31

  5. Samena Rashid

    Dear Gwyn

    Great to see your progress, keep up the good work

    best wishes


    18 Dec 2011, 07:51

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