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September 15, 2010

Connect to Kenilworth Petition

Warwick County Council will cancel the proposed Connect to Kenilworth Sustrans route unless discussed and voted positively.

Please print and sign the attached petition if you feel able to support a motion to encourage WCC to discuss this and take the positive action required to build a bridge over A429.  It is apparently cash-neutral for WCC with most funds being found by Sustrans.

PDF of petition to print and sign connect_2_kenilworthpetitiongreenway.pdf.

January 22, 2010

Bike BUDi

Writing about web page

The University is partnered with a Car / Bike / Walkshare scheme that helps people to make the transition to using something other than 4 wheels to get to work.


and sign up to see if you might be able to encourage someone to change their ways!

November 22, 2009

Bicycle User Group

Dear Bicycle User Group member

As part of the evolving Transport Strategy at the University, it has
been suggested that ‘formalising’ the Bicycle User Group (along the
lines of Warwick Car Share for example) and adding benefits such as…

- reduced cost of Warwick Sport membership to enable access to shower
- reduced cost purchase of accessories
- links to Car Share scheme to assist occasional cyclists
- access to on-site cycle repair facilities
- regular free cyclists ‘breakfasts’ (apparently an employer can
provide these as a tax-free benefit up to 6 times per year)
- commitment from the University to meet with Users and take account
of needs in new and existing works to campus.
- cycle training scheme

...would be desirable.

Please do let me have feedback here or though bug[at]listserv.
I’ll take views back to the next Transport Strategy Group on Thurs 10

November 09, 2009

Items for TSG

Follow-up to TSG agenda from Cycling to and around Warwick University

I have had a flurry of large and small suggestions, all excellent, to bring to Weds Transport Strategy Group:

1. Small works to improve cycle routes around campus woudl have a significant impact on safety of all campus users, on foot, cycle and car.
e.g. entrance / exit to Gibbet Hill cycletrack behind SU;
entrance / exit to shared use path between boilerhouse and University House.

2. Better web- and physical signage of routes for cyclists and pedestrians (some exists already).

3. Webtool for personal cycleroute planning as for recent pedestrian initiative.
Google pedometer is useful for planning cycle routes

4. Consider
The guarantee covers 5 areas, one of which is buying, which is the cycle to work scheme. The others are cycle storage, changing facilities, repair/maintenance facilities and
inspiring (including cycle training). Adoption of the full guarantee would be a good step towards encouraging more staff and students to take up cycle commuting to campus.

5. Updates on Sustrans’ cross-campus to Kenilworth route

6. Advertise 20 p per mile expenses claimable (or Cycle to Work scheme benefits) versus real costs of motoring.

7. Secure cycle parking still needs to be improved across campus.

8. Unforeseen consequences of the changes in campus car parking policy. Since the start of term (and the new parking policy) there has been a massive increase in on-road parking on Sir William Lyons Road and the residential roads leading from De Montfort Way. This has in turn lead to an increase in traffic and congestion on these roads and Lynchgate
Road during both rush hours (particularly the evening). As well as no doubt frustrating local residents, this makes these roads considerably less cycle friendly, which is particularly unfortunate as they form part of the most convenience cycle route between the campus and Coventry City Centre.

TSG agenda

Writing about web page /cyclingtowarwick/entry/transport_strategy_group/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

BUG has been invited to attend the Transport Strategy Group which will meet Weds 11th November and report by end December.

Terms of Reference are:

“To develop a coherent strategy for transport and travel designed to support increased use of alternative modes of transport to the car for journeys to and from the University for staff, students and visitors, particularly to reduce the number of single occupancy car journeys to campus and reduce congestion, in line with the University’s Green Travel Plan, Carbon Management Plan and other related responsibilities.”

I welcome any comments or specific suggestions from Bicycle User Group members to take to the meeting.

October 02, 2009

Don't pick on me

Writing about web page

Cyclists vs Drivers debates so often cause divides to expand rather than contract… good to see considered views.

Life’s too short for all this anger and hatred, let’s just accept that, take a deep breath…

Endnote: validity of stats here have seen debated elsewhere… it’s the sentiment rather than the stats that impress me.

June 19, 2009

Biketastic Event 2009

Writing about web page

Biketastic Event 2009

Free of Charge

This event includes an organised bike ride for all ages starting from the War Memorial Park. There will also be fun activities such as a Get Cycling Roadshow, where you can try out all different sorts of bikes, the Big Green Bus, where you can find out about sustainable living and stalls with local traders who will have lots of lovely things to eat and drink. So bring your bike and join in!

January 20, 2009


OK bit personal this ‘cause today my precious nearly new MTB went walkabout :(

Sooooo after calls to campus security, local police and a chat with the new campus beat officer…

!WARNING! there is currently a serious threat of bike theft on campus with more than 20 bikes gone already this (calendar) year!!!

...of course had I known about such stats this morning my MTB would have been sat IN my office rather than locked up outside the main entrance to Medical School Building, Gibbet Hill Campus…

...however I DID NOT know about the stats :( and now the MTB has gone :(

DON’T get caught out!

September 24, 2007


The trench that they’ve just dug across the University ring road, by the boiler house, has really not been very well filled in. It isn’t nice to cycle across. I hope they’re planning on coming back to finish the job properly…

December 05, 2006

Traffic islands

A fine road until Coventry council built a centre island:

Traffic island

Centre islands are a major and growing problem for cyclists . It’s become fashionable for councils to construct them to serve as either pedestrian refuges or traffic calming measures.

The idea that central islands make much difference to traffic speeds has been brought into question by a review of traffic calming conducted by the Institute for Transport Studies at Leeds University which indicated that narrowing traffic lanes has little impact on traffic speeds.

As far as the impact on cycling is concerned, an investigation into drivers’ perceptions of cyclists was made by the Transport Research Laboratory under commission from The Department for Transport. To quote the Executive Summary:

Increasing the amount of cycling and improving the safety of cyclists are key aims of the Government’s transport strategy, as set out in the White Paper ‘A New Deal for Transport – Better for Everyone’ (DETR, 1998). Previous research has shown that one of the main deterrents to cycling is a fear of traffic, often attributed to the attitudes and behaviour of drivers [...]

On the basis of this research, a number of recommendations may be made relating to highway design [...]

* physical road features that force cyclists and drivers into close proximity should be avoided, or where this is unavoidable, motor vehicle speeds at such locations should be reduced;

* highway designs that deliberately require cyclists to obstruct traffic in order to produce a traffic calming effect should be avoided as they are likely to cause particular frustration to drivers;

For the whole report (reference TRL549), click here and “buy” the pdf version of the report (it’s free).

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