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September 26, 2010

Some thoughts with Shonn

Just got some thoughts flew over my mind while discussing with Shonn, and wanna take them down...

我們要教的是“思考”這件事,而不是“某個事實” What we should teach is "critical thinking", not "Some Facts".

事實可能會因為不同的時代或情況而改變. 但思考的能力和價值卻是永恒的 Facts might change over time or situation, but the power and value of thinking is eternal.

如果考試只是單純在考學生對於「事實的記憶能力」,那我反對考試,但如果今天考試能考出學生的思考深度,創意,那我不反對,因為後者相對來說,較為公平。If exams are simply trying to test the student's ability to memorise facts, then i object exams; but if exams can test the depth of thinking or creativity of the student, then i don't object - because the second one is relatively more fair.

考試其實應該是要考學生到底學習到了多少,但不以這個決定學生的成敗,而是利用考試的結果去改進該如何加強學生的學習和教學品質. Actually Exams should be testing how much have the students learned without using the outcome to decide the success or failure of the students; yet it is supposed to use the outcomes of exams to improve teaching quality/style/method and enhance the learning of the students.

今天看電視又再次聽到有人稱美國是「邪惡帝國」,雖然在某些層面上我也不反對,但奇怪的是,為什麼這個國家卻有一流的教育。Today i hear again on tv that people say usa is 'evil empire'. even though i do not disagree on some certain levels, weirdly, why does this country have the best education?

they're evil coz they selfishly wanna make their country the best and the most comfortable/rich one. but education is important for everybody/country because only with good education, the person/country/society can grow prospectively. They are wise to value what's good for the country and for the people. Education is always the key to success. Otherwise, why are we all studying and learning? Because we know wisdom, knowledge is power and also the only fortune we could ever have!

January 15, 2010

Opportunity Cost

A daily concept that I wanna remind myself all the time. -- Always measure the opportunity cost of my study, my travel, and my life.. :-)

Opportunity cost is the value of the next-best choice available to someone who has picked between several mutually exclusive choices.


A person who has $15 can either buy a CD or a shirt. If he buys the shirt the opportunity cost is the CD and if he buys the CD the opportunity cost is the shirt. If there are more choices than two, the opportunity cost is still only one item, never all of them.

An organization that invests $1 million in acquiring a new asset instead of spending that money on maintaining its existing asset portfolio incurs the increased risk of failure of its existing assets. The opportunity cost of the decision to acquire a new asset is the financial security that comes from the organization's spending the money on maintaining its existing asset portfolio.

Books are poisons

Reading reading reading.... and then started day dreaming about words people say about reading.

My Ancient Chinese Study teacher in college is a person with a lot of characteristics. She's knowledgable, calm, however in a way, indifferent sometimes. She read so many books, knows about all the histories and ancient readings, and what she told us one day was "Books are poisons...You're poisoned right at the moment you open a book." Obviously it shocked everybody, including me. I couldn't forget what she said. And her reasoning was difficult to argue. She said, "Because once you started reading, you started absorbing the knowledge, and you would gradually or even just a bit being influenced by the contents in the book. Maybe you learnt something new, your views are different, your thinkings have changed...etc. But are you sure what's in the book are good for you, or your learning?"

It's so difficult, isn't it? To have the ability to read selectively and critically all the time. You need to have a very strong mind, yet a very open heart to learn new ideas. It's an art, and a wisdom.


Another saying is more common to our daily lives -- Walking for a thousand miles wins over reading a thousand books. (direct translation) or "He that travels far knows much."

Then I started having ichy feet....... :-)

October 14, 2009

The Fun Theory

Writing about web page

This is really a great example of how the world can be changed into a better place through a few creative innovative ideas...

If we try hard enough, we can influence the world....

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