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December 07, 2009

""The Myth of the Hero–leader"

I read a book for writing the assignment of CBE and find it so interesting and have some reflection upon this.

Generally speaking, people believe that several charactistics are what leaders possess; such as capability for command and influence. In order to be able to influence, those leaders are more likely to have unique mix of skill, ambition, vision, charisma, and small amount of hubris.

However, the thing is, in our lives, we all try to be someone like this, and sometimes we forgot who we could be.

The author was saying, people tend to be obsessed with the hero-leader as a type of cultural addiction. Meaning when there's a need for change, we opt for the hero-leader rather than eliciting and developing leadership capacity throughout the organisation.

One of the most common reason nowadays is that, we choose a hero-leader, and what he/she does is to cut costs (usually people), and boosts productivity and profit whereas the improvement do not last.

Somehow I think all the problems that happen in a business all go back to human or human nature. That's why human resource management is really important and should be deeply and widely discussed. (personal view) Because PEOPLE make the systems, PEOPLE implement the systems, PEOPLE work with the systems, PEOPLE mess up with the matter what, there's must be some human sector involved in.

People turn greedy so that the world economy is under crisis now. People wanna make the world better so that we have charities, schools and education. And it's so important to choose a right leader to lead the people to the right direction.

It's easy to imitate someone who's hero-like. But one cannot become someone else. The thing is how do we learn and how do we adjust ourselves to do the right things. I believe if we're doing the right thing with the right way, small people would eventually influence the big people. It's also to me, a matter of caring or not.

*to be continued*

December 02, 2009

Financial Analysis and Control System

I love this module..... :-D I enjoy every sec of it...

At the beginning I was worried about it coz I didnt major or study business before. I worked, and I guess sometimes business lies in one's bones. Today I really learnt a lot, had a great time with the practice and all the knowledge input...

This is one of the modules that I look forward to challenging myself with. Very excited about all the unfamiliar things to be learnt.

When I worked, I know about controling budget, how to utilize the money, equipment, facilities, human power, supplies..and how to make profit out of each order. But those were just learning by doing. If you want me to explain what I'm doing and why I'm doing it...I don't know...

But now, I know I can say, we're giving up this investment coz our current asset or liquidity is not running effectively as they should. Our cash flow is running low, and we have way too much operating cost. the depreciation rate of the facilities is high..etc. We need to be careful about our net borrowing and control our finance status in order to maintain our profit margin....

I know I could say something maybe better, but at least I'm using the knowledge I've learnt and I believe it's very useful. :-)

So basically I'm really really happy today! :-D yeah!

PS. 73% on the pre-test means I need to work harder.... I can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOTIVATION!!!!

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