February 05, 2010

People, to push or not to push?

This morning while I was showering, suddenly I had this thought - everybody needs to be pushed: just in a different way or by different means.

Everybody needs to be motivated; some can motivate themselves more actively, but some act more passively.

If you look at some people who always seem highly motivated, they don't need any third party to push them to do things. But they are still pushed - by their ambition, family pressure, or money (greed). Those are their driving force, and they know themselves, which is why they don't need other people to tell them what to do. But they're also "pushed"?

On the other hand, if you look at some people who always act lazy, extremely passive at work, they need a third party to push them toward achieving the goal. They are obviously 'pushed'.

And in class sometimes we discuss about some people need to be pushed, but not everybody does. Therefore, I think, a leader can choose to push/motivate people in different ways, and the indicator to find out who needs to be pushed is by "understanding their family background, education background, and daily behaviours." I think the best way to manage is to understand your employees as much as you can. Work closely with them, understand them in-depth, then you would be able to know their life-death points, and be able to control/utilise them.

So from this inspiration, I think a company should have a lot of company gatherings/parties/events to interact with employees. This is a win-win policy to me personaly. :-) Also, HR would need to be a good bridge between company and employees as well for communication.

Who wants to join my company?!! Gonna have a lot of paaaaaarrrrrtiiiiiiiiiies! ;-)

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  1. Jasmine

    I am actually really pleased to see the birth of this blog though, and yeah, it’s about time for someone to kick my ass to tell me in my face that I need to work harder, writing a blog seems to be a good idea to transform your ideas into words which will all come to the precious experiences eventually…..and I need that in my life!!!
    Hopefully I won’t start it too late….. I should have got it started during my world trip last year…. LOL
    Have fun, Lavin, I’m with ya!

    Can I write blog on Facebook anyway?

    06 Feb 2010, 00:46

  2. haha.. thanks Jas, it’s nice to write things down yeah…only this is a more academic one…
    used to write stuff on my wretch but not after I left TW..
    anyways…sure u can write something on FB or wretch.. would love to read it…

    give me some ‘academic’ response sometimes darling~~ hehe

    06 Feb 2010, 00:53

  3. KD

    like hunter, or GPS-man?

    which means, hunter searches the target himself, but GPS-man needs a guy to set up a goal, and he will go for it!!
    you most likely the hunter, and at least on TOP 100!! as we know, i may not give you anything, but you know, you give me many motivation.

    and i think i am GPS-man.

    07 Feb 2010, 13:57

  4. So good to see you here KD..and I like your expression :-)
    Thank you for your comment and I’m honored that what I’ve given you…
    also, I’m glad I don’t need to kill anything to be a hunter! ;-)
    GPS-man can be great person sometimes..coz without GPS man, GPS companies would die, and then more and more people would suffer..

    We all have our functions in the society, all we need to work on is try to be ourselves and make the best use out of it!

    Let’s do this together! :-)
    See you soon!

    07 Feb 2010, 20:00

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