January 21, 2010

New film – wanna watch …

I've traveled to some countries, not a lot, only 20. Wherever I go, I see, and I learn.

Learn from the goods, learn from the bads. Yet, I learned how much I love my hometown - Taiwan.

When I introduce myself saying "I'm from Taiwan", some people would say, "Oh, I've been there. Thai food is sooo good." Then I will say, "um...actually, it's TAIWAN, not Thailand...U know, an island next to China, we're good at IT products, like HTC, ASUS,ACER...etc"  And then they will say,  "Oh, yeah, China!" and then I had to start introducing and clarifying some points about this beautiful country.

It's not a perfect country...the traffic is crowded, the air polution in big cities are crazy. But we have very clear and convenient MRT (Metro), we have HSR (High Speed Rail)- travel from North to South only takes you 90mins. Also, the streets are not as clean as Japan. But we have a lot of hard working cleaning ladies/gentlemen or even semi-volunteers to clean up the streets since primary school! (值日生/公共區域打掃)

And just like in every other country, our politicians are fighting all the time about who knows whose profit or power they want. But, Taiwanese people are always generous, forgiving, kind, open-hearted, hard-working, and friendly. We have great service in Taiwan, great food-any kind you want, great landscapes, great ocean, great beach, great 7-11, great movie theatre, great Kareoke (KTV), great parties, great musics, great entrepreneurs, great writers,..... can't finish naming them... and the world just need to know about us more.

So, today, I'm proudly introducing a new Hollywood film, talking about the politic status and real history happened between China, the US and Taiwan back in the 70's and 80's. My father told me the story about "WHITE TERROR" when I was little, and I still can't forget it. I think even though I don't know much about this, I'm feeling a lot.... Both my grand parents are from China during the Civil War in 1940's. They were the first people who followed the Nationalists to Taiwan when Chang Kai Shek lost the War. My grand father was a solider, a very brave one. He managed to live when he could have been killed 3 times. All my brothers/sisters/cousins learnt so much from the last generations. It was a complicated time, but we all grew out of it.

---- We may be a small island, but we are indeed spectacular. :-)

WATCH THE TRAILER: http://www.formosathemovie.com/trailer.h tml

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.formosathemovie.com/

(PS. This is purely patriotic, nothing political.)

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