January 14, 2010

Leadership appears everywhere

This is another discussion we had during team discussion about the definition of leadership.

In the Matrix, the last category is "Leadership occurs within a situation". I think it's so true when I relate it into daily life. This is debatable since another teammate disagreed. Yet, I think we're just looking at this from a different angle. Open discussions are always welcome :-)

If we think deeper, leadership appears everywhere. Whenever there is a situation, you can track leadership. A very simple example I gave yesterday: A group of friends, we don't know what to eat for lunch, we discussed for 10 mins but didn't reach any conclusion. Now, one of the friends proposed: let's go to Rootes building! and then it initiates the other friends to think about it and maybe just follow it, or not. To me, that one person was showing a leadership element. Because he's being initiative and constructive, meanwhile, he wants to lead the group to decide on something or agree on a common matter. he's leading the group to have a shared goal - a decision. And if people agreed, they will follow him to the Rootes for lunch.

Maybe I will come up with more or better examples, yet to me, I think in our daily lives, we are all trying to lead something or somebody. We might not be a great leader or lead a group to do great things that leaves track in the history, but we ARE leading our own lives.

As previous stated, some people might not agree with this, coz maybe you think it's not leading, it's just gathering, discussing and trying to reach to a common ground with people. But as I said, I think we're both correct in our own angles of viewing this.

Discussions are welcome. Leadership is just a huge topic.... exciting!

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  1. Hey Lavinia;

    I was expecting that you would open this topic. :) Yes I was the team member who disagree on “every situation needs a leader”.
    I am looking at this topic like “every leader is also a manager but not every manager is a leader”. Therefore; if you think it in that way; I would say “if there is a leader, there must be a situation but not every situation needs a leader”.
    I would say in that example about choosing where to eat; every member is starving and want to go, eat somewhere. It doesn’t matter where it should be. Just throwing an idea of where to eat doesn’t make someone a leader because group will reach a consensus on that matter.
    Also I can say that nearly all groups that I have been through in this course didn’t need a leader to achieve success on projects or games. I could say that it would be much better in some of them if we had a leader. However my point is we didn’t choose a leader or no leader emerged.
    That was also what I tried to explain but I think I couldn’t properly. I hope this will be more clear than before.


    14 Jan 2010, 15:34

  2. Yeah.. I’m so happy to see your reply, and I was expecting to see you here as well :-D

    I understand you perfectly Doganay, and I also agree with you. That’s why I said we see this in a 2 different angles. that’s what I think. You explained perfectly… don’t get me wrong :-)

    I was just thinking about maybe in any situation, maybe we didnt notice, but someone is acting a leader’s role. Maybe it wasn’t strong that everybody thinks he/she is the leader, but leadership shows…

    Maybe I’m being very abstract, but that’s how I feel…I’m wondered if you feel it too? :-P

    14 Jan 2010, 18:27

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