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April 30, 2010

Power of Education

"I have a dream..... to establish a school

                            to fire up people's creativity and passion.

                            to help people understand the importance and power of knowledge

                            to set people free and do what they are really interested in and good at

                            to let people gain the power and confidence in deciding their lives

                            to make them understand they're all unique with a purpose of their existence in the world

I have a dream...... to make the world a better place..... "

This is why I love Martin Luther King and nominated him as a great leader of all times. He has a big heart. His speech touched me and everybody at that time. I could feel that his vision has emotionally bound and touched the audience and the vision has rooted in people's heart as if it's their own. Even though he was assasinated afterwards, his words and the dream stayed...

He positively influenced the people with his speech and declaration which also drew a great deal of positivity in people's minds. He took people out of the old perception frames and started to show them the new possibilities of how the world could be.                 He changed the world...with his belief and knowledge, and turned that power into a stronger power which aroused everybody's awareness and motivation to fulfill the vision he set.

Like the clip of Ben Zander, conductor of Boston Philharmonic Orchestra shows, being a leader is not about the position you hold, but the new way of BEING. Look for shinig eyes, enroll all voice in vision, radiate possibility, understand the people and care for them, try to lit up other people's possibilities/potential to perform, and shift each individual to a new way of being!

I love his theories about " don't take yourself so damn seriously" and the "give everybody an A".

It helps you realise that everybody is equal and what we do should base on a good cause to inspire and help people to perform and be the best they can be. "People are the power and the cause to make something great happen. When people gather together, they represent a great talent which is full of possibilities and potential. Peopel are the asset and the source of knowledge in the universe. Once you bring out the amazing side of the people, the world could be shaped into a dream world."

.............................. I'm all pumped up now!

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