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April 29, 2010

Organisation, People and Performance

During the OPP module, once again I realised that 'emotional intelligence' is something that affects behaviours and could influence performance and business results, especially during the knowledge sharing phase.

I'm sure everybody has watched CSI. Today a short clip about CSI, Las Vegas was started when a flight passenger constantly kicking the backseat of the person sitting in front of him. He looks paniced, anxious, problematic, etc. He had some weird behavious and the rest passengers were annoyed or feeling threatened by him when he lost control trying to open the cabin gate, and so grouped together beating him until he past away. (I know it's a relatively short brief, but the main thing was that he was acting 'abnormal', and then he triggered his own death.)

At the end of the clip, the investigators had a discussion and debate about whether the other passengers in the cabin who took the dead passenger's life away should pay the price for the death, and also whether they're forgiven by naturally defending for their own lives when they felt their lives were threatened. Some argued about no matter how the situation was intense, the group of people didn't have the right to take a life away. Yet some argued that it's all about human nature and reasonable defense. After the discussion, finally, the head of the investigators said we all shouldn't make assumptions about somebody else's behaviour. Maybe sometimes people seem to act weird, it doesn't mean that they're crazy and should be sent to the clinic for medication. Sometimes maybe show some care to understand what is the problem, then everything might be solved without any conflict.

After I saw that I had few ideas: nowadays people are lack of understanding and caring, people pre-judge others, bias with their own objectives or experiences, selfish and thus ignore the truth or opportunity to accept a better opinion, etc. So stop making assumptions and stop being biased towards people. Many times you think you know something, but you DON'T. It's so easy to be mislead by the things we thought we knew. Be objective.

I think I'm lucky that I learned or experienced such behaviour when I was relatively young. I've seen many rediculous things or behaviours as well as people spreading humours because they thought they knew, but they didn't, and at the end destroyed somebody else's life or reputation afterwards. So that's how during all these 10 years or so time, I've learned or at least tried to remind myself to speak only when I can make sense. And I'll never damage someone's reputation when I'm not involved in a matter. More likely whenever it's none of my business, I don't say nothing.

Yet, this is very difficult and I need to constantly practice and learn how to not to make assumptions and respect people, and put myself in others' shoes to think of something.

The organisation depends on the people. People have all sort of behaviors. People and bahaviors together creates the company performance. Therefore, when people are sharing and learning knowledge from each other, including behaving normally, the business performance could be gradually improved.

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