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April 25, 2010

My motto for 10 years

Since I was 15, I realised something which I deeply truly believe and have faith in -- Everything that humans imagine, is a possibility in reality. That again today from KBAM module, it inspired me all over again. :-)

Companies set up the 'value' of the company, and start attracting people who appreciate the values. Companies should decide and strategically plan what kind of behaviour they want in the organisational environment. Whether it is bonus driving, recognition approving, or knowledge sharing, companies will either attract or develop the kind of people they want.

And knowledge affects how an organisation perform in terms of a system. Knowledge can change and motivate people, create ideas, innovate products, increase productivity and build up a sense of belonging for the employees, etc. Once the people in an organisation start sharing knowledge, the benefit is unpredictably an aftermath of initiating great possibilities. When people are less selfish, the world would always become a better place.

This motto also opens my heart in a great manner. I see things in many different ways and I value all the opinions and all the things/people I meet in my life. (I'm trying and still learning) Coz I know their existence must have a cause. We should always be open-minded and generous. There's no point to keep what you know a secret. Sharing is caring, and also a way and opportunity to gain something greater than you expect. When you share something, you open your heart, and you'll never know what the other person would repay you back. Sometimes you might be surprised or overwhelmed by what other people can actually deliver to you. That's also why I always love to respect everybody because I know that 'never underestimate anybody/anything', especially you wouldn't know what could happen the next second that the person or that thing would totally blow your world away!


good knowledge or bad knowledge?

In the movie, Kung-Fu Panda, Master U-guey said, "there's no good news or bad news, there's only news".

It's like knowledge and information: there's no good knowledge or bad knowledge, only information itself. If you could make the information useful, then it becomes a knowledge; vice versa that if you mis-use it, then the information is useless.

In business world, you're always trying to make the right decision based on the information and knowledge you have. It's all about strategy. Business is like a way of life. You can't learn everything or absorb all the things you learn, you always need to think (critically) and explore (experience), then find out a "good" practice instead of the "best" practice. To me, work experience is the best teacher to understand how business operates. The more you taste, the more you get. Afterall, everything in the world is about people and connections, and how do you make use of the resources you have.

Whatever people share (information) is a kind of knowledge (information). It may be useful, yet could sometimes have negative impact on it. So how to control your knowledge (information) is another kind of art.

Usually in real life, at least what I experienced and executed is that "if I don't have a certain degree of understanding about a topic/situation/matter, I don't give my comments coz it might be imcompetent that the people who receive the message may be misguided or have misconception about the certain issue which affects their decision making.

I think knowledge sharing is beautiful and generous. But how you share it and when you share it is an art and the indicator to determine whether the knowledge is useful or not. Sometimes irrelevant response during a discussion may trigger unpredictable good ideas. Yet it may also interfer the process of making a right decision.

Somehow I think it depends on luck when doing business. When the world is time to be yours, then you'll make all the right decisions along with your hardwork to make things happen. It is also about your mental model of how you perceive things as well. There's always more than 1 aspect of the ways to explain or analyse things. When you are more experienced, you know better how to choose useful and effective information, and use those knowledge in the right time to create a good effect.

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