December 05, 2008

Thank you so much!

I have to say that well done guys, you did an excellent job for the presentations this week. I am proud of you.

Looking back of today exercise, lucky not all the strong leaders of our course take up the role of leader, it actually pass to those who may not be too confidence enough to learn how to become a leader. Its really impressive and its proves that everyone can be a leader and a "true" leader try to maxmise the potential of the teamplayers. Well done guys.

I have to say it again in my blog. Crystal you did very well. In my past activities in the OPP we were given a smiliar job, but we did not achieve any objectives. Although we did not meet the points but we manage it to finish on time. So well done. I believe this exercise should build up your confidence. Yes you can do it just believe yourself.

Again Ally you did a fantastic job (Oh my god I sound like Paul now) =P You have improved a lot for your presentation skill, what you presented is very clear and I know that you just only spend a afternoon to prepare it. Well done!!!

Ritina, you have also improved a lot. From being not confident to speak to  stand in front of us and present for about 10 mins. I am sure you fear about presentation is reduced. Well done! I am happy to work with you as a team. You are such a considerable person and bring a lot of fun to us.

Amanda sorry for saying something a bit disencourage but in fact it is the other way of encouragement. I know you get what I mean. I am sure that same as crystal you gonna build up the confidence to be the leader in the future. So dont say something about you are the youngest among the class again or look down to yourself.  Although I did not work with you, I am sure that your teammate should be quite agree what I have mentioned.

To the rest of the class who I did not mention you really do very well keep going and continuous improvement (include myself). I am happy to become one of the student in MBE. You guys are very supportive and friendly. Having you guys to be coursemates is a curical element to develop an organisation learning culture. Everyone of you are willing to share your thoughts about the PMA, knowledge and point of views in respect to different areas  from PMA to career and even life. Its really amazing. I never thought about it, thanks everyone.

MBE class 2008/09


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  1. Thank you Gilbert!
    We are here to take challenge and make great effort. Much thanks to Paul that you can give us so many opportunities. And also much thanks to your guys, for the encouragement you give. I think the atmosphere in MBE is quite good, all of us make the effort together, we help each other, we share what we have to each other, and we have a lot of fun during these experiences. Really really happy and proud to be here with you all!!!

    And I want to say to Crystal, You really improved quite a lot, and you really a brave girl to take more challenge. Come on!!! I believe you!!!

    05 Dec 2008, 17:54

  2. Absoutely!!!....... we have only formed for less than 2 months…..... you guys are really clever….... improvements are significant…..... i was surprised about how good crystal’s performance was today. Also i did not even notice a sence of nervous from Ritina’s presentation. Others amount the groups showed a lot of leadership skills. people are participating in group discussion more and more…..

    MBE 08/09…................. i am already feeling the fear of the dismission of group in the summer

    05 Dec 2008, 17:54

  3. Arghh… everyone is improving… but I feel I am still in the same place… How can I improve!!!

    05 Dec 2008, 19:47

  4. thank you Gilbert ~ you’ve changed a lot since the CBE module. I can see you becoming more outspoken and taking on more leadership roles in OPP and LE… Well done!

    05 Dec 2008, 20:49

  5. Louis, why you feel you are still in the same place I think is because you are in a higher level than we do~_

    05 Dec 2008, 23:52

  6. I really like are class as well. I havent seen so much bonding before in a class. Everyone gets along and thats a great thing. Gilbert you too have been very supportive and friendly classmate….

    06 Dec 2008, 12:30

  7. Gilbert~ I think you have shown over the past weeks that you are quite comfortable voicing your opinion in a large group of people. This was something I did not see in CBE. Although I havnt been able to work with you much during the OPP and LE module, from you comments I can see that your are taking your initiatives to make things happen within your group. To me that is a great example of influencing others through leadership. I hope this explanation is clear :D

    06 Dec 2008, 13:18

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  • Yes, good work, keep it going! by coach hire london on this entry
  • Good work. Keep up the great work! by limo hire manchester on this entry
  • Looks like a fun team.. Well done all! Keep it up! by wedding car hire on this entry
  • keep up the good work always interested in our future prospects by fishing tackle on this entry
  • The Best mohammed T–shirt art is from Sweden. Watch and read the info at, http://www.mohammedt–shirt… by mohammed allah on this entry

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