December 05, 2008

Thank you so much!

I have to say that well done guys, you did an excellent job for the presentations this week. I am proud of you.

Looking back of today exercise, lucky not all the strong leaders of our course take up the role of leader, it actually pass to those who may not be too confidence enough to learn how to become a leader. Its really impressive and its proves that everyone can be a leader and a "true" leader try to maxmise the potential of the teamplayers. Well done guys.

I have to say it again in my blog. Crystal you did very well. In my past activities in the OPP we were given a smiliar job, but we did not achieve any objectives. Although we did not meet the points but we manage it to finish on time. So well done. I believe this exercise should build up your confidence. Yes you can do it just believe yourself.

Again Ally you did a fantastic job (Oh my god I sound like Paul now) =P You have improved a lot for your presentation skill, what you presented is very clear and I know that you just only spend a afternoon to prepare it. Well done!!!

Ritina, you have also improved a lot. From being not confident to speak to  stand in front of us and present for about 10 mins. I am sure you fear about presentation is reduced. Well done! I am happy to work with you as a team. You are such a considerable person and bring a lot of fun to us.

Amanda sorry for saying something a bit disencourage but in fact it is the other way of encouragement. I know you get what I mean. I am sure that same as crystal you gonna build up the confidence to be the leader in the future. So dont say something about you are the youngest among the class again or look down to yourself.  Although I did not work with you, I am sure that your teammate should be quite agree what I have mentioned.

To the rest of the class who I did not mention you really do very well keep going and continuous improvement (include myself). I am happy to become one of the student in MBE. You guys are very supportive and friendly. Having you guys to be coursemates is a curical element to develop an organisation learning culture. Everyone of you are willing to share your thoughts about the PMA, knowledge and point of views in respect to different areas  from PMA to career and even life. Its really amazing. I never thought about it, thanks everyone.

MBE class 2008/09


Time Management

I am sure at this stage, time management must be the word we may write down in the self assessment form which either be a strength or weakness. For me I will put it as the area for improvement.

Paul raises a very good question what make you to get up from bed in that bloody cold Dec Morning? I have to admit that in this week I have ask this question more than once. Luckiy I forced myself to get up but slightly late to the class. I have to say that I sleep much less than I require in order to be "energy efficient".  Working on the mini projects and PMA really drives me crazy. However, are these the excuse that we can skip from class or even not doing our work effectively? Certainly not! It is because when I ask my coursemates hows your PMA or why are you so tired, you guys told me that coz I stayed up late for my PMA, I just only sleep few hours last night. It proves to me that, its not only me who did not sleep much, but in fact all of us. I remember what my mum told me when I was young " You may not be as smart as others, but you certainly you not a fool. So If everyone can do so, why can't you do so?" Everyone be puntual to the class and can balance the time between PMA and mini projects, blogs and classes. The belief of Why can't I do so drives myself to get up from bed and work harder and harder. Finally all the pre module assignments are almost done, what left behind is the PMA. What Paul said is absolutely rght we should have started during the 3 weeks break and not till the last 2 weeks. Time managment I am gonna to put you in my strength in the future.

P.S I am not a hard working student (If I am I would not work that hard when the deadline is approaching).

Everyone please take good care of yourself, dont get cold or even sick. Try to rest more.

Best wishes


December 04, 2008

The Way of Influence others

As we all agreed, leadership is a process of influence that moves members of a group in a common direction. Influence is the essential ingredient in leadership and without it, leadership would not exist. Influence is any action that has an affect on another action.  Influence is the driving force behind leadership.

Bear in mind:

  1. Influence is not the same thing as control.
  2. Influence shapes the direction that a group of people will pursue.
  3. Influence is the quintessential element of leadership.

Influence is the power to affect the way someone or something develops, behaves, or thinks without using direct force or orders. A true leader who can influence a group of people without mechanistic orders. A leader has the ability to gain authoritative trust in people. Without the people following freely, you are not leading.

The way in which influence moves about a group will directly determine the culture of the group and how they pursue direction. If influence based off mechanistic order in a group you will probably have a hierarchical structure with a clear and concise end goal in sight. If influence is based off of organic order you will probably have a decentralized group that has a common end in sight.

The way influence is perceived by a leader directly relates to how they will treat their followers and the way influence is delivered will directly relate to how followers perceive leaders. Influence is a precious gift to be stewarded and not abused. To often leader needy situations turn into dictator led situations and this is bad for everyone. Leadership requires individuals to step above the mechanistic compliance of people and influence them to pursue common direction.

November 30, 2008

The Definition of Leadership

If you have read my second entry, you will see what kind of personal skills I believe a leader should possess.

After listening to Paul and different groups definition of leadership here come my conclusion.

All of us believe that influencing people to achieve a shared goal is one of the most important elements of a leadership definition. However, what is the meaning of a shared goal? A shared goal is an objective which is well-known by the people. In order to avoid different interpretation of the objective, communication process is the key process. Therefore, our group believes communication should be included in the definition. I also agree to Paul that different situations may have a different leader. In the lifeboat exercise best explained the idea of it. A CEO could be a good leader in running an organisation, but he may not be the best person to navigate people in the lifeboat. As a result, our group definition of leadership as follows:

Leadership is a communication process of influencing and directing people to commit to and achieve a shared goal voluntarily, in a given situation (Aykut,Apinya,Billy,Crystal,Gilbert,Ritina 2008).

I used to think we have included the key elements of leadership, but Mei's and Francisco's group remind me a very important issue which I forgot. That is Maxmise the potential of people. Yea that's right! After watching the video in OPP class, a good conductor is not only guide the orchestra in the performance but also develop and maxmise the potential of the team and build up the players self confidence or even train them as the future leader. It¡¦s really an excellent point. Francisco told me that there is a way to distinguish a good leader. A good leader will give support and maxmise people potential implicitly. 

My own definition of leadership will be:

Leadership is a communication process of maxmising people potential and influencing people to achieve a shared goal, in a given situation (Lo, 2008).

November 26, 2008

Life is like a game of Golf?

Having read an article about an interview with one of the Hong Kong civil servants, its really impressive.

He shares his perception of life with us.

He sees life is like a game of golf. In a golf game, there are 18 different holes which represent different stages of our life. Different hole, we have to use different tools, tactics, strategy and mindset. This is quite true, when situation change, our perception will change and have a new insight or even new skills will be developed. All these experiences and skills can be used in our future challenges or stages of our life. Sometimes, we may face lost or even disappointment in one of the holes, but we cannot simply give up or even blame others. You can't just blame the ball or say you lack of luck, as this is all your fault. What we can do is try to figure out the way to improve the situation and calm youself down so as to drive yourself up.

I personally think it is such a good metaphor. That's Life and thats the way we have to act. Suddenly I miss the time I play golf with my parents. Anyway keep going everyone!

October 27, 2008

Creating Business Excellence feedback

CBE is my first lecture. Unlike my undergraduate, MBE postgraduate course is more self and group learning rather than seating lectures, which I am not very used to. The deeper you drill, the more knowledge you may get. Throughout the past 2 weeks working on the group project, I gradually understand what kind of personal skills a leader should possess. To be a good leader, he or she needs to understand the capabilities of the team members and assign the task which they are comfortable and enjoy working on it. In order to be a good leader, he or she must be a good listener who can understand the need and concern of the members. Sometimes, members may not reflect their ideas directly, especially come to a conflict. A good leader should also be a good observer, what the individual think may be reflected on their facial expression. Finally, balance the quality or efficiency of the work with the wish of the members. Most of the members prefer to work on their own, but what happen if their part of work is not up to standard. I personally think it¡¦s really hard for the leader to make such a decision. I have to admit that this kind of research based learning style let us not only understand the content of the course but also the personal skills such as leadership, time management and communication skills. In addition the self assessment form just like a milestone to let us review our strengths and weaknesses. Finally, creating blog  entry not only share our ideas and thought, but also develop our writing and communication skills. I really need to thanks Paul and the rest of the WMG staffs and fellow students of creating such a strong organisational learning environment to us.


October 26, 2008

New Beginning

Time flies quickly, this is my fourth week in Warwick. Unlike others, I am familiar with Warwick, as I did my undergraduate BSc Computer & Business Studies in here aas well. Now this is my fourth year in Warwick, its really a place where I do enjoy very much and develop my personal skills.

In the past 4 weeks, we have finished 2 modules (Creating Business Excellence and Global Business Environment). Lectures and group meetings from 9am to 6pm, its really exhasted. However, I do enjoy very much because I know a new group of friends. I can't believe that 4 presentations and 2 reports are all done by my groupmates in 2 weeks time. Somehow, I feel we are "the best". In the first day, when I was told that we have to prepare 4 presentations and 2 reports which we knew nothing about it, I highly doubt whether we are able or not?  Looking back, it is the same siutation in reality. When our boss ask us to prepare a report which I havent heard it, we still have to do it. we cant just complain to our boss of setting mission impossible to us. Having a chances to listen other groups' presenations and their valuable experience which makes me have a deeper understanding of the contents and your background as well.  I do appreciate everyone who has shown their efforts in gathering the background information, preparing the slides, writing the reports and standing in front of the class and present your group unqiue insight to us. You guys have done a nice piece of work, well done guys!

P.S All of you  have done very well, please dont worry about your English.


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