August 19, 2013

The PGCE has started.

The PGCE has started.

It still doesn’t feel real despite having already spent a week in my base school last month. The enormity is starting to hit of the responsibility teaching brings. If I am mediocre then the kids I teach will miss out . If I am good then I could make some kids love science for life. We all have teachers we remember for both good and bad reasons. How do I make myself a teacher who is remembered predominantly as a good teacher who inspired?

I am a School Direct student and so we start our PGCE early to enable us to be in school from the first day of term. This means we have one week to cram in a huge amount of information. Today we got our course handbook. (Nicely laid out and hopefully contains most of what we need for the admin side of things.) I was impressed with the handbook, often universities shove everything on line: great for trees, but not so great when you want to highlight and scribble notes and put sticky notes in.

Got to chat to lots of people today. I was surprised the distance some people have to come to either the university or their base schools. I hadn’t realised before how fortunate I am having a good university a few miles away and my school on my bus route. There was the usual reaction to physics where people feel it is a difficult subject and I must be brainy (I call that the Stephen Hawking effect). But it is all relative, I find languages really hard despite my best efforts, I am useless at sports, and I wouldn’t have a clue how to make history interesting. I am in awe of these multilingual language teachers because I would never be good enough to teach languages.

The afternoon was enrolment. A large number of us had not done the pre enrolment because we were waiting for our DBS checks to come back. I had been a bit worried about this before but was told last week not to fret as many were waiting like me. For most of us, we were still able to provisionally enrol so we get the valuable library services.

Ah, lovely library services. I have been a Warwick student before and so am well aquatinted with what the library offers. Oh, how I’ve missed the free access to electronic journals. As a scientist I like to read the original papers when things crop up in the media. I will always prefer paper books, but the ability to download PDFs when researching a topic or collecting information on a subject is great. Being able to do a computer search on file names is much easier than trying to wade through several real folders looking for that printout of an article.

Home early today. So a quick stop for more stationery supplies. Rainbow sticky notes and a new notebook. I can see I am going to get through a lot of paper this year.

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