March 08, 2005

Emma R's Proposal

Working Title
Cultural regeneration: to what extent are British/European cities culturally “distinctive” as a result of cultural regeneration?

Primary Objective:
To investigate whether British/European cities that have been through a process of “cultural regeneration” retain individuality and distinctiveness or, in fact, become homogenous.

Research Questions

•What is cultural regeneration? – What does it intend to do? What does it achieve in reality?
Which definition of culture does regeneration encompass? I.e. culture as art/culture as a whole way of life? What are the consequences of differing definitions of culture?
Is regeneration “cultural” or is it something else? E.g. commercial, economic, tourist, social. Why do cities want to be “culturally” regenerated?

•To what extent do British/European cities look the same as a result of cultural regeneration?
How does this happen?
Why does it happen?

•To what extent do funding priorities and government rhetoric influence the uniformity of culturally regenerated cities? I.e. since New Labour and the rhetoric of social inclusion do cities aim for similar cultural programmes in order to attract funds? Is this instrumental cultural policy and exploitation of culture? And does this result in uniform cities?

•(How) do cities go about achieving a “sense of place”? To what extent is this successful and distinctive?

•What are the consequences of cities being culturally uniform or indeed having being culturally distinctive? Why is cultural regeneration important?

•Is there a “model” of cultural regeneration? If so where did this “model” begin? And how has this influenced further “models” of cultural regeneration?

•To what extent are local people consulted about cultural regeneration and planning? How is this consultation carried out? How does it affect the “distinctiveness” of the city?

•In whose interests does cultural regeneration work in? E.g. the inhabitants of the city, private investors, local business, tourists?
Who benefits from cultural regeneration?

•Does it matter?
What do local people think?
What do tourists think?

•Should cultural regeneration result in cities looking distinct?

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  1. very demanding subject ! it seems that our reserach will certainly overlap on some aspects and that should be induce very interresting and fruitfull contributions to each other project…

    good luck !

    09 Mar 2005, 00:39

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