March 01, 2015

Interview with an independent musician

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Interviewer: Yuche Li

About Dimebillion

Daniel Bentley is an independent musician who called himself as 'Dimebillion' as a stage name. His music journey started when the year he was 14, the summer holiday he spent in Japan with his grandma was the initial inspiration of his music. Dimebillion produces his music by referring his personal background-since he was born in Japan but growing in Britain-therefore, the uniqueness of his music, as what he agreed that, is to producing the western style music by adding some oriental 'flavour'.

A interview with Dan

Q. Why do you want to do music as part of your career?

Because music is the only job I have found so far which fulfils me emotionally. Writing and performing music consistently challenges me, whereas I have never had a job which has stimulated me mentally as much music does.

Q: What is the very initial achievement ?

I first got an electric guitar when I was 14 and played my first gig aged 16.

Q how do you promote yourself as an music entrepreneur?

Having a manager helps, but not always necessary. It's just a case of building up an online presence through visual and audio media like social networking and music videos. And also ensuring you do the old-fashioned things like networking, putting up posters, giving out flyers and contacting radio stations and music journalists.

Q. Is it difficult?

The music itself is not difficult. But the promotion does not always come naturally to me. I have to force myself to do it, even though I would prefer to be dealing with the music itself most of the time. The music relies on the promotion, so you cannot afford to ignore it if you want to be successful in the music industry.

Q. How would you define the term of 'cultural entrepreneur'?

I would define that as someone who is acutely aware of what attitude is emerging from the current generation and capitalising upon it.

Q. Do you think yourself as a cultural entrepreneur?

I aspire to become a successful artist. If that would be as part of the definition of cultural entrepreneur

Q.What is your strategy to increase your career potential?

Musically, I intend to make most of my money from touring. Eventually I want to expand into fashion, cologne, film-making and writing fiction. And I also have a few inventions I would be interested in patenting and bringing to the market.

Q. How do you let people get to know you better?

I connect with people on social media and music forums.

Q. Have you ever performed in public? If so, how would you describe the experience and was it successful?

The vast majority of musicians perform in public. There is no greater feeling than performing your songs at the highest level and to have people appreciate what you do.

Q.What are your plans for the future? Money or self-satisfaction?

I pursue wealth for only one purpose: Time. If you are not financially independent, you are a slave to your employer and therefore unable to pursue a creative career. Self-satisfaction also drives me, but more in the sense of giving music fans something to think about. I care far less about journalists' opinions than fans. It is the fans who pay to see the shows and buy the music after all, so they are my number #1 priority.

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